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Space Games

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Play Mission To Saturn
Mission To Saturn game free online

Mission To Saturn Game HOT

Can you make it across alien enemy territory in this rough and rocky landscape? Driving a Saturn cart, jumping, shooting, dodging, fighting enemies and bosses? Not enough? Ok, how ab...

played 7.583 times
Play MoonMaster
MoonMaster game free online

MoonMaster Game

A fun defense game, where you have to defend your base. And you can upgrade your base.

played 5.433 times
Play Night Raptor
Night Raptor game free online

Night Raptor Game HOT

Fast-paced sidescrolling shooter. Fly your spaceship and shoot the red bubbles. Collect stuff and don't forget to beam up people! Rescue the survivors, pick up the goodies, fight the...

played 6.806 times
Play PhaseStar One
PhaseStar One game free online

PhaseStar One Game

On a mission of peaceful explorations. You are the Commander of the PhaseStar One, the first space vessel build for interplanetary travel. You are on a mission of peaceful exploratio...

played 2.511 times
Play Project Monochrome
Project Monochrome game free online

Project Monochrome Game

An advanced and massive 70 level black and white space shooter featuring 21 weapons and 14 enemies. There are 50 Series-A fighters. Survive through this wave to poss. You will be rew...

played 3.514 times
Play Raiden II
Raiden II game free online

Raiden II Game HOT

You loved Raiden X, now play Raiden II. Truly awesome gameplay. This is the second part of the vertical scrolling action shooter.

played 13.973 times
Play Raiden X
Raiden X game free online

Raiden X Game HOT

Raiden X is an extreme shooter game. Featuring many powerups, bonuses, weapons and enemies. You fly through a challenging course, as you keep going better and better weapons are avai...

played 9.007 times
Play Regelian Hot Shots
Regelian Hot Shots game free online

Regelian Hot Shots Game

Greetings Earthlings! Every week in the Galaxy's Greatest Comic I protect your planet from Thrillsucker infestation, banishing these insidious creatures that seek to remove all the e...

played 4.482 times
Play Retaliator
Retaliator game free online

Retaliator Game

A top-down jet shooter. Blow away the enemy ships and the turrets. Pickup powerups and dodge fire.

played 2.609 times
Play Roam and Protect
Roam and Protect game free online

Roam and Protect Game

Protect your allies by destroying enemy ships before they attack! A side scrolling jet shooter with different objectives.

played 2.297 times
Play Space DX
Space DX game free online

Space DX Game

Destroy other ships, gain more fuel, destroy more ships, gain even more fuel. The main objective is to collect money before the enemy alien does. Also collect different power-ups li...

played 2.940 times
Play Space Empires
Space Empires game free online

Space Empires Game

Space Colony management and space conquest game. Some 65,000,000 years ago the dinosaurs ruled the earth- a small planet at the end of Arjahun sector. Human always thought them to be...

played 12.445 times
Play Spaceman Prelude
Spaceman Prelude game free online

Spaceman Prelude Game

What should be a routine scouting mission has turned into an all out battle. Help them survive all seven waves of enemy attacks!

played 2.524 times