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Star Wars Games

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It`s time to play the best online Star Wars games. Fight as a rebel and defeat the forces of the evil empire led by Darth Vader. Play as Luke Skywalker and use your lightsaber in great battles. Recreate some of the great flying chases as Han solo and dodge the starfighters. Like Yoda said; Through the Force, things you will see, play the games and entertained you`ll be. Use the force as a Jedi in the online Star Wars game selection.

Play Ewok Annihilation
Ewok Annihilation game free online

Ewok Annihilation Game

After the fall of the Empire, a team of Imperial Scout Troopers was left stranded on the forest moon of Endor, home of the Ewoks. Blow the faces off all those pesky Ewoks. Shoot t...

played 17.749 times
Play FlashWars Star Wars Game
FlashWars Star Wars Game game free online

FlashWars Star Wars Game Game

Fly around in the star wars galaxy as an x-wing, a-wing, y-wing and more construct ships and have laser battles.

played 26.134 times
Play Gun Down The Gungan
Gun Down The Gungan game free online

Gun Down The Gungan Game HOT

Kill as many Gungun as possible within the time limit.

played 12.136 times
Play Jedi Vs. Jedi Blades Of Light
Jedi Vs. Jedi Blades Of Light game free online

Jedi Vs. Jedi Blades Of Light Game HOT

Fight as Obi Wan or Anakin Skywalker and use Jedi powers and saber skills to take out your opponent.

played 31.201 times
Play Lightsaber Practice
Lightsaber Practice game free online

Lightsaber Practice Game

Use your lightsaber to kill off the droids. You will encounter Darth Maul after reaching 200 pts. The game ends if you slashed Darth Maul.

played 12.871 times
Play Star Bores Episode One
Star Bores Episode One game free online

Star Bores Episode One Game

The Ewanks, uber-geeks of the galaxy are trying to muscle into your scifi classic motion picture. Take them out before they turn your magnum opus into sacharine yawner of a dork-fest...

played 8.113 times
Play Star Wars
Star Wars game free online

Star Wars Game

Recreate the legend Star Wars chase. This game is a arcade game based on the epic movie series everyone knows about. You must progress through the level by shooting down fighters. Un...

played 11.608 times
Play Star Wars Gangster Rap
Star Wars Gangster Rap game free online

Star Wars Gangster Rap Game HOT

The intergalactic gangsta rap now has a whole new flava in this Special Edition! This remake features all new and improved animation that would blow away any Death Star. Check it, yo..

played 11.697 times
Play Star Wars Lightsaber
Star Wars Lightsaber game free online

Star Wars Lightsaber Game

Fight against the Star Wars enemies with your lightsaber. Kill the evel siths before they kill you! Star Wars Skywalker is a challenging skill game on for free. T...

played 21.335 times
Play Star Wars Rebel Base
Star Wars Rebel Base game free online

Star Wars Rebel Base Game

Lord Vader and his fleet of Star Destroyers have discovered the hidden rebel base on the planet Hoth in the Hoth system. The rebel base is protected with a shield that can deflect an...

played 23.153 times
Play Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Star Wars Rogue Squadron game free online

Star Wars Rogue Squadron Game HOT

You are a rebel fighting against the empire. You need to destroy the Death star. Fly in your spaceship and shoot at the evil empire in this Star Wars themed game.

played 53.142 times
Play Star Wars Shooter
Star Wars Shooter game free online

Star Wars Shooter Game

Cool Star Wars game where you have to shoot the tie-fighters as they approach your ship. Can you shoot them all? Watch out for their red lasers. Use your controls Luke!

played 1.803 times
Play Star Wars The Battle of Yavin
Star Wars The Battle of Yavin game free online

Star Wars The Battle of Yavin Game HOT

With the agents of the Empire bearing down and the full might of the Imperial Navy unleashed against the smal band of rebel starfighters, the last brave pilots are fighting for survi...

played 4.703 times