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Vampire Games

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Are you into the Vampire Diaries like Twilight Saga: New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn or maybe the movie Blade? Do you have a pale skin, sleep all day, roam all night and go to bed by sunrise? Then our bloodsucking vampire games are for you! Visit the vampires crypt and slay the vampires by putting a stake in their hearts or kill them with a silver bullet. Don't get bitten by a vampire, it's said that you'll become a vampire yourself!

Play Aggressive Attack
Aggressive Attack game free online

Aggressive Attack Game HOT

Move your squad and kill all the vampires.

played 10.457 times
Play Be The Slayer
Be The Slayer game free online

Be The Slayer Game

You haven't slept in days but you made it. Below you lies the city, asleep. Never realizing that evil surrounds them, waiting patiently for the right moment to strike. Thus fulfillin...

played 8.714 times
Play Dr. Shroud Vampire Killer
Dr. Shroud Vampire Killer game free online

Dr. Shroud Vampire Killer Game

Who wants to be a Vampire Killer? Dr. Shroud needs some help!! See how many vampires yOU can kill before time runs out!! How to do it: Click on their left side (your right) you have...

played 4.750 times
Play Dress Up Vampire
Dress Up Vampire game free online

Dress Up Vampire Game

Dress this cute Vampire before she sucks the life into you.

played 6.811 times
Play Dressup Vampire Princess Miyu
Dressup Vampire Princess Miyu game free online

Dressup Vampire Princess Miyu Game HOT

Dress up Vampire Princess Miyu. This girl has style and is also a Vampire. She's here for you to dress her up.

played 7.229 times
Play Escape The Vampire Room
Escape The Vampire Room game free online

Escape The Vampire Room Game

You are trapped in a vampire room on Halloween. Use clues and escape to go trick or treating.

played 11.549 times
Play Hell Fire Slayer
Hell Fire Slayer game free online

Hell Fire Slayer Game

Play as a slayer and kill those blood thirsty vampires! Shoot the enemies as they appear on screen. 2 game modes.

played 5.334 times
Play The Vampires Crypt
The Vampires Crypt game free online

The Vampires Crypt Game

Help Houdini escape from a strait-jacket, while suspended upside down above the Budapest Bridge. Then he will face spiders, bats werewolves and the vampire himself. Harry arrives in...

played 7.005 times
Play Vampire Diaries Race Against the Dawn
Vampire Diaries Race Against the Dawn game free online

Vampire Diaries Race Against the Dawn Game

Check out Vampire Diaries on the CW! Use your memories to locate the ring you have lost before it's too late! Featuring images and video from the show! I have to find the ring befo...

played 11.288 times
Play Vampire Doll Dress Up
Vampire Doll Dress Up game free online

Vampire Doll Dress Up Game

Create a vampire doll with this extensive vampire dresses doll maker, pick a hairstyle and outfit for your vampiress. Choose black gothic dresses and blood accessories for your vampi...

played 5.984 times
Play Vampire Fever
Vampire Fever game free online

Vampire Fever Game

You're Viro, a ninja who stands against evil creatures! Yet you're a complex guy, instead of using conventional weapons, you spread a virus, which only affects demons and undeads. Va...

played 5.118 times
Play Vampire Slay
Vampire Slay game free online

Vampire Slay Game

Protect the village by shooting all the monsters. Shoot anything that comes out of the creepy crypt. Watch out for monsters that need more shots. Shoot all the monsters to release th...

played 5.681 times