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Dead Frontier Night One game

Play Dead Frontier Night One free online now. June 28th 2016, a private biological research facility is raided by French police. Despite warnings... Read more

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Played: 18.479 times
Dead Frontier Night One game info

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Dead Frontier Night One Online Game

Dead Frontier Night One Game Description

June 28th 2016, a private biological research facility is raided by French police. Despite warnings from the lab technicians they proceed to release the 109 caged people, not aware that they are carrying the highly infectious N4 Virus.

July 2nd 2016, most of the world's major cities are under siege from an army of N4 infected zombies. In a desperate attempt to save lives armed biohazard response teams are sent to evacuate the living population.

July 5th 2016, your team is ambushed by a horde of infected. Heavily outnumbered, you barely manage to escape with your life. Your team mates were not so lucky...

Alone, you take shelter in an abandoned cottage. You know it won't be long before more infected find you...

Use your glock, mp5 submachine gun, shotgun and other weapons to shoot down waves of zombies. Dead Frontier is a great zombie action shooter highlight!

Dead Frontier Night One Game Instructions

Arrow Keys / W, A, S, D - Move.
Mouse - Aim / Shoot.
Spacebar - Change the active weapon.
R - Reload.

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Dead Frontier Night One Game
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Game name: Dead Frontier Night One
Played: 18.479 times
Category: Action games » Zombie games
Author: Unknown

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