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Adventure Games

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Play Brain Splatters 2
Brain Splatters 2 game free online

Brain Splatters 2 Game

Solve the crime and survive. Pick your path in this interactive storylike adventure avoid being shot question people and get stronger weaponry sniper rifle and machine guns.

played 3.353 times
Play Bratz Babyz Mall Crawl
Bratz Babyz Mall Crawl game free online

Bratz Babyz Mall Crawl Game HOT

Just like in Baby Bratz The Movie, the big bully Duane is up to no good... Come crawl through the mall and defeat Duane in this great Bratz Game! The goal is to find all your friends...

played 19.126 times
Play Breakfast Maker
Breakfast Maker game free online

Breakfast Maker Game

Keep your customers happy in your own breakfast diner! It's morning and you have to cook and serve for breakfast. Serve them as quick as you can. Spend hours managing your very own c...

played 10.532 times
Play Breakfast Sandwich Shop
Breakfast Sandwich Shop game free online

Breakfast Sandwich Shop Game HOT

Your mission is to make bearkfast sanwiches for the girls. Try to respect the order and try to make the sandwiches as fast as you can. Make the sandwiches they ask you for and serve...

played 6.478 times
Play Brewery Defender
Brewery Defender game free online

Brewery Defender Game

Protect the brewery long enough to transport the precious beer away. Drag the blue midget in order to deflect the hymenoptera blobs and help to escape to as many brewery trucks as yo...

played 4.229 times
Play Bridge Shootout
Bridge Shootout game free online

Bridge Shootout Game HOT

Similar to Heli Attack where you shoot the enemy as they continue to make passes above your head.

played 3.199 times
Play BridgeCraft
BridgeCraft game free online

BridgeCraft Game HOT

In a far away solar system, on a small planet much like our own, lived the Euwins - kind little creatures who enjoyed a peaceful existence... Then one day, out of nowhere, a massive...

played 8.141 times
Play Brink Of Alienation 1
Brink Of Alienation 1 game free online

Brink Of Alienation 1 Game HOT

Two days ago, I was traveling back to my home, after being released from a 5 year post serving the United ESS Army on planet Mars. On my return to Earth, I recieved a signal from an...

played 3.140 times
Play Brink Of Alienation IV Part 1
Brink Of Alienation IV Part 1 game free online

Brink Of Alienation IV Part 1 Game

The Brink of Alienation series continues with Episode IV. The game is in 2 parts. This is part 1. warning: extremely large filesize: over 11 Mb, be prepared to wait a while for it to...

played 4.620 times
Play Brother Bear Catch the fish!
Brother Bear Catch the fish! game free online

Brother Bear Catch the fish! Game

Catch as many fish as you can with the bear claw. Help Koda catch as many salmon as possible. Use the black paw to grab the small, slippery salmon. Be fast before time runs out!

played 18.792 times
Play Brotherhood Of Morbus
Brotherhood Of Morbus game free online

Brotherhood Of Morbus Game HOT

In the story of Morbus, you get to choose your character. You can play as a warrior, a traitor, a jester, or an alchemist. Your task is to defeat the Brotherhood of Morbus and stop t...

played 3.957 times
Play Bugs Bunny The Island Of Dr Moron
Bugs Bunny The Island Of Dr Moron game free online

Bugs Bunny The Island Of Dr Moron Game HOT

Oh no! Now Bugs Bunny is trapped in Dr. Moron's la the carnivorous carrot hot on his tail. Can enought carrots and survive long enoug to advance to the next level? Grab the carrots a...

played 12.104 times
Play Bulwark 53 Part 2
Bulwark 53 Part 2 game free online

Bulwark 53 Part 2 Game

You must find your way through hell again in Bulwark 53 Part 2. Keep your firearm ready to shoot as you prepare to take on more zombie creatures. You've successfully escaped the Bulw...

played 10.113 times