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DayMare Town 2 game

Play DayMare Town 2 free online now. Find yourself lost again on the streets of this odd town. Can you escape the nightmare of a day again?... Every nook and... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 12.210 times
DayMare Town 2 game info

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DayMare Town 2 Game
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DayMare Town 2 Online Game

DayMare Town 2 Game Description

Find yourself lost again on the streets of this odd town. Can you escape the nightmare of a day again?... Every nook and cranny holds a secret in Daymare Town 2. Unlock the mystery of this creepy city in part 2 of this adventure game. Daymare Town 2 returns you to the daytime nightmare of a place complete with new puzzles to solve, new characters to meet, more creepy creatures peering at you around corners, and more items to find (this time he has you looking for coins). The place has an unsettling atmosphere and it's a bit scary, so make sure you play it late at night.

You can't help but enter this freaky town, but can you escape from it?

DayMare Town 2 Game Instructions

This is a point-and-click adventure where you must solve the mysteries and help the story unfold. Click on the different objects and collect various objects from around the city. Go into frightening places you never would go.

Play the DayMare Town 2 Game Free online at GamesLoon!

DayMare Town 2 Game Screenshot

DayMare Town 2 Game
Adventure Online Game info
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Game name: DayMare Town 2
Played: 12.210 times
Category: Adventure games » Mystery games
Author: Pastel Studio

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