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Mystery Games

Can you beat it?

Play The Roslin Station
The Roslin Station game free online

The Roslin Station Game

The Roslin Station is an escape the jungle point and click adventure based on the TV series LOST. Use the mouse to move and explore the wilderness.

played 7.195 times
Play The Scene Of The Crime
The Scene Of The Crime game free online

The Scene Of The Crime Game

The Scene of the Crime takes us into the sleazy, blood-stained world of detective novels. Kind of a Great House Escape as re-imagined by Frank Miller. In a world so noir that sunshin...

played 35.777 times
Play The Scene Of The Crime Golden Doll
The Scene Of The Crime Golden Doll game free online

The Scene Of The Crime Golden Doll Game HOT

The Scene of the Crime: Golden Doll, a new noir point-and-click mystery that asks you to solve a murder on some quiet beachfront property. “It was a quiet night. Until now. It all be...

played 10.390 times
Play The Unforgiven Room
The Unforgiven Room game free online

The Unforgiven Room Game

Room escape game where you again dont remember anything, dont know anything, cant do anything but you have to escape from the Unforgiven room. The Unforgiven Room is another point an...

played 4.032 times
Play The Vampires Crypt
The Vampires Crypt game free online

The Vampires Crypt Game

Help Houdini escape from a strait-jacket, while suspended upside down above the Budapest Bridge. Then he will face spiders, bats werewolves and the vampire himself. Harry arrives in...

played 6.904 times
Play Tomb Escape
Tomb Escape game free online

Tomb Escape Game HOT

Escape the tomb. Tomb Escape is another point and click adventure type room escape game. In this game, you try to escape from the tomb by choosing right directions. Can you able to e...

played 8.265 times
Play Tortuga 1
Tortuga 1 game free online

Tortuga 1 Game HOT

In Tortuga you are imprisoned on a pirate ship and must try to escape. Strain your brain as you solve clever puzzles and try to escape with your booty intact!

played 3.960 times
Play Tortuga 2
Tortuga 2 game free online

Tortuga 2 Game

Another great Tortuga game! Now that You've escaped from the pirate custody, it's time to take your chance and escape from that cursed ship. Explore every nook and cranny, look every...

played 2.282 times
Play Tortuga 3
Tortuga 3 game free online

Tortuga 3 Game HOT

This is the third part of the Tortuga series. Now that you've escaped your cel, you have to escape the pirate island of Tortuga. The island is scatterd with pirates. They have taken...

played 3.339 times
Play Whooly 2 Ranco And The Spaceship To Moonyland
Whooly 2 Ranco And The Spaceship To Moonyland game free online

Whooly 2 Ranco And The Spaceship To... Game HOT

Whoolys spaceship needs his help! In Wooly's new adventure he needs your help exploring his world in his quest to recover the lost ship. Collect stars to increase your score and avoi...

played 4.674 times
Play Winooz Adventures Chapter 1
Winooz Adventures Chapter 1 game free online

Winooz Adventures Chapter 1 Game HOT

Guide this funny little cartoon character to find the treasure. In this game, you have to search for items and use them at the right places. You can earn points in this game.

played 8.249 times
Play Youda Legend, The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond
Youda Legend, The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond game free online

Youda Legend, The Curse of the Amst... Game HOT

The dark influence of an old curse still taunts the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Puzzling through old city mysteries and searching for clues you might be on the biggest quest you hav...

played 8.197 times
Play Your Quests Out West
Your Quests Out West game free online

Your Quests Out West Game HOT

Find your way out in the Wild West! Adventure to the Wild West to search for gold! Poke around the ghost town and try to acquire items to help you solve the puzzles of the game.

played 9.438 times