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Play Ghost Motel 8 - Virtual Reality Training
Ghost Motel 8 - Virtual Reality Training game free online

Ghost Motel 8 - Virtual Reality Tra... Game

Journey through this strange ghostly world perform deads and train to become a demon hunter. Joseph is told that he must complete his virtual reality training before he gets his cert...

played 16.200 times
Play Godlimations Trapped
Godlimations Trapped game free online

Godlimations Trapped Game

Why do I feel so trapped? Your aim is to re-discover who you are. Use whatever you can find to solve the mystery... Search for clues to reveal your identity. This game has a really g...

played 7.888 times
Play Grave Shift Sewers
Grave Shift Sewers game free online

Grave Shift Sewers Game HOT

The adventures of Arimose the Brave continue! On his journey to reclaim King Krump’s stolen treasure, Arimose finds himself lost in the sewers deep beneath the City of Westwick. Help...

played 7.342 times
Play Heist A Thief's Nightmare
Heist A Thief's Nightmare game free online

Heist A Thief's Nightmare Game HOT

Heist is a point n' click adventure where you play as a thief determined to find & escape with money that is said to be hidden in an abandoned house. In this adventure you face many...

played 6.866 times
Play High School Detective Case Of The Honey Trap
High School Detective Case Of The Honey Trap game free online

High School Detective Case Of The H... Game HOT

Star Quarterback - out of commission! How? Who? Why? And only one person can answer - You! Interview increasingly annoying students and faculty to find the perp. Be sure to turn on t...

played 16.862 times
Play Hop Hamster Adventure
Hop Hamster Adventure game free online

Hop Hamster Adventure Game HOT

Hop Hamster Adventure is a great adventure game in comic style. The player has the task to liberate the small hamster out of the zoo and bring in his homeland. To do this the items i...

played 6.877 times
Play Hospital Escape
Hospital Escape game free online

Hospital Escape Game

You escaped the hotel lobby in Hotel Escape 3, but little did you know that you would be stuck in an operating room in a hospital. Use your mind to conquer puzzles and escape!

played 7.047 times
Play Houdini - Temple Of The Serpent
Houdini - Temple Of The Serpent game free online

Houdini - Temple Of The Serpent Game

The World Tour begins in Mexico City, where brightly clad assailants kidnap I larry and his lovely assistant Margaret from the city streets. He awakes on the sacrificial altar of an...

played 8.115 times
Play In the Footsteps of Simeon Meade - Part 2 The Evidence Room
In the Footsteps of Simeon Meade - Part 2 The Evidence Room game free online

In the Footsteps of Simeon Meade -... Game HOT

Part 2 of the Simeon Meade series - Now that you've escaped your prison cell, it's time to find your way to the evidence room and destroy all evidence that could incriminate you, the...

played 4.814 times
Play In The Footsteps Of Simeon Meade - Part I The Cell
In The Footsteps Of Simeon Meade - Part I The Cell game free online

In The Footsteps Of Simeon Meade -... Game HOT

A Myst style point-and-click escape the room puzzle adventure game with a dark, black-and-white look and moody music. Escape from kilmainham Gaol.

played 4.976 times
Play Kapabo Chase
Kapabo Chase game free online

Kapabo Chase Game HOT

Collect the items to win. A fun point and click game. Talk to the people and find out what they are missing.

played 7.074 times
Play Key Room Escape
Key Room Escape game free online

Key Room Escape Game

Escape from the key room by finding the objects. you are locked up in the key room, and you will have to escape from the room by finding objects and using them accordingly.

played 23.945 times
Play Mandrake Episode 1
Mandrake Episode 1 game free online

Mandrake Episode 1 Game HOT

It was a hard day. Not everything went as planned, But don't give up! You must get Back your singing Mandrake. Be cunning fike fox and don't forget your fiends. After many years to...

played 7.555 times