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Mystery Games

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Play Escape To Obion 1 Fire And Ice
Escape To Obion 1 Fire And Ice game free online

Escape To Obion 1 Fire And Ice Game

For nearly two years, Magnus Jones (a.k.a. Dr. "Saturday") has been gathering resources in order to complete his plans of remotely hijacking the minds of every sentient machine in th...

played 7.394 times
Play Hospital Escape
Hospital Escape game free online

Hospital Escape Game

You escaped the hotel lobby in Hotel Escape 3, but little did you know that you would be stuck in an operating room in a hospital. Use your mind to conquer puzzles and escape!

played 7.298 times
Play The Vampires Crypt
The Vampires Crypt game free online

The Vampires Crypt Game

Help Houdini escape from a strait-jacket, while suspended upside down above the Budapest Bridge. Then he will face spiders, bats werewolves and the vampire himself. Harry arrives in...

played 7.008 times
Play Phantom Mansion 3 - The Yellow Tower
Phantom Mansion 3 - The Yellow Tower game free online

Phantom Mansion 3 - The Yellow Tower Game

Tahe the yellow door to explore The Yellow Tower. ...and so it continues, further and further Hector travels into the Phantom Mansion, and having retrieved the second mask, he faces...

played 6.898 times
Play Dailon Room
Dailon Room game free online

Dailon Room Game

Room escape game. Escape from the Dailion room. In foreign language but well designed game. You wake up locked in a house with a lot of desks. Find the 5 color rocks (ruby) to open t...

played 6.748 times
Play Brain Splatters 2
Brain Splatters 2 game free online

Brain Splatters 2 Game

Solve the crime and survive. Pick your path in this interactive storylike adventure avoid being shot question people and get stronger weaponry sniper rifle and machine guns.

played 4.147 times
Play Key Room Escape
Key Room Escape game free online

Key Room Escape Game

Escape from the key room by finding the objects. you are locked up in the key room, and you will have to escape from the room by finding objects and using them accordingly.

played 24.539 times
Play Acaro 1
Acaro 1 game free online

Acaro 1 Game

A fun Spanish game where you need to escape from the room.

played 17.749 times
Play Colonel Kerfuffle In Castle Calamity
Colonel Kerfuffle In Castle Calamity game free online

Colonel Kerfuffle In Castle Calamity Game

Haunted! Keep out! With your flashlight, explore and find your way around the castle. The castle is divided into 5 levels. In each level, you need to find a key to unlock the door th...

played 10.619 times
Play Doctor Ku The Kitchen
Doctor Ku The Kitchen game free online

Doctor Ku The Kitchen Game

The Kitchen is sequel of Doctor Ku point and click escape adventure game series. Help doctor Ku escape from The Kitchen. lick around the game as you find objects that are clickable...

played 6.443 times
Play Phantom Mansion 4 - The Green Gallery
Phantom Mansion 4 - The Green Gallery game free online

Phantom Mansion 4 - The Green Gallery Game

Take the green door to the Green Gallery. Phantom Mansion is back with another exciting adventure. Continue exploring the Phantom Mansion as you seek out skulls and keep from dying.

played 6.409 times
Play Escape Series #2,5 OMG Scary Room
Escape Series #2,5 OMG Scary Room game free online

Escape Series #2,5 OMG Scary Room Game

Escape another room or you will die in there. Solve each mini puzzle to get that much closer to the exit. In the afro-ninja escape series there is no plot, no story, no motive. With...

played 10.904 times
Play The Museum
The Museum game free online

The Museum Game

Kids are moving things in the museum, you have to fix a variety of things before you can leave. In this escape game you have to escape the museum by pointing and clicking on things,...

played 6.396 times