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Restaurant Games

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Cook your favorite food, run a burger restaurant or create the best cafeteria in the world. It can all happen in free online Restaurant games! Help the famous Sue with her sushi and serve her customers. Make a doughnut the customer wants, when you build them wrong they will throw it back! Mix the drinks in a bar, make sure you do it on time they are thirsty and get angry when it takes to long. Help Rufus with orders at Bueno Nacho, it's called fast food for a reason! You love pizza? Blue Bear needs to make the topping just right and on time to keep the customers happy. Whatever you want to cook up, you can play it right here, in the Restaurant games!

Play Avatar Star Sue Noodle Cooking
Avatar Star Sue Noodle Cooking game free online

Avatar Star Sue Noodle Cooking Game HOT

Make some delicious Noodles with Sue. First put water in the pans with the kettle. Then quickly add the vegetables, an egg, a red package and then finally the noodles. Once the pan i...

played 25.215 times
Play Barbecue Stake
Barbecue Stake game free online

Barbecue Stake Game HOT

Time to make a nice BBQ dinner. Place the pieces of meat on the stick at the right time. A fun coordination game! Fork your barbecue with a stick before it's too late.

played 6.585 times
Play BBQ Academy
BBQ Academy game free online

BBQ Academy Game HOT

Will you become the best student of the BBQ- Academy? As a student of the BBQ-Academy is your job to serve the visitors at your neighborhood Barbecue with the correct orders. Cook a...

played 8.662 times
Play BBQ Hero Protect And Serve
BBQ Hero Protect And Serve game free online

BBQ Hero Protect And Serve Game HOT

You are the grill master for your family cookout. Your family will tell you what to cook and you will cook it for them and stop the fatboy who wants to eat your food.

played 6.849 times
Play Beach Cafe
Beach Cafe game free online

Beach Cafe Game

Serve the customers well and earn maximum score.

played 9.554 times
Play Beach Ice Cream
Beach Ice Cream game free online

Beach Ice Cream Game

Create the most mouth watering ice cream of all time. Can you serve all the customers the delicious ice cream? Prepare the ice creams and reach a 85+ accuracy to win the game.

played 6.522 times
Play Better BBQ Challenge
Better BBQ Challenge game free online

Better BBQ Challenge Game

Take your trusty spatula and flip the gourmet items at the perfect cooking point. Flip too early and you'll lose points! If you left three cooking items turn to charcoal then it's ga...

played 5.052 times
Play Blue Bear Pizza
Blue Bear Pizza game free online

Blue Bear Pizza Game

Help Blue Bear make the pizza in this delicious Italian pizzeria. Blue Bear has to create the ordered toppings on this pizza and put the pizza in over to bake. Arrange the pizza topp...

played 12.995 times
Play Breakfast Maker
Breakfast Maker game free online

Breakfast Maker Game

Keep your customers happy in your own breakfast diner! It's morning and you have to cook and serve for breakfast. Serve them as quick as you can. Spend hours managing your very own c...

played 12.040 times
Play Breakfast Sandwich Shop
Breakfast Sandwich Shop game free online

Breakfast Sandwich Shop Game HOT

Your mission is to make bearkfast sanwiches for the girls. Try to respect the order and try to make the sandwiches as fast as you can. Make the sandwiches they ask you for and serve...

played 7.658 times
Play Burger Builder
Burger Builder game free online

Burger Builder Game HOT

Will it be the Double cheese or Deluxe double burger that you are fixing up today? Create the most delicious burgers at the Mc Death restaurant. Drop the delicious burger ingredients...

played 3.463 times
Play Burger Jam
Burger Jam game free online

Burger Jam Game HOT

A hamburger jam has just been opened. So many customers come. it's a huge success. Of course, helping so many customers is not easy. Mama mia, what stress! Business is booming, but c...

played 13.639 times
Play Burger Restaurant 2
Burger Restaurant 2 game free online

Burger Restaurant 2 Game

Return to Burger Restaurant! Terrific restaurant simulator. See if you can manage a busy fast food restaurant. Go global, this time with 3 new restaurants, new clients, and new meals!

played 12.898 times