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Restaurant Games

Play Soda Pop Girls Bubble Batch Bottle Catch
Soda Pop Girls Bubble Batch Bottle Catch game free online

Soda Pop Girls Bubble Batch Bottle... Game HOT

Susie Strawbella is preparing the next batch of tasty Yummi-land soda pop for the Soda Pop Shop. The bubbles are loose in the Soda Pop Factory and the soda pop needs the fizz to make...

played 4.122 times
Play Sue Chinese Food
Sue Chinese Food game free online

Sue Chinese Food Game HOT

Complete the meals with right ingredients and earn points.

played 9.971 times
Play Sue Chocolate
Sue Chocolate game free online

Sue Chocolate Game HOT

Help sue make tasty chocolates for her customers! This candy-making machine makes 3 types of chocolate candy. Get the timing right to make each perfectly, and see how many you can ma...

played 5.942 times
Play Sue Chocolate Candy Maker
Sue Chocolate Candy Maker game free online

Sue Chocolate Candy Maker Game

Use the candy machine and help Sue make as many candies as possible! they all look so very delicious! Which will you make?

played 10.892 times
Play Sue Cracker Factory Games
Sue Cracker Factory Games game free online

Sue Cracker Factory Games Game

Water your plants until potatoes grow, bake them, fill the machine with the potatoes and click 'start' to make potato chips. Potato sticks are a nice alternative to chips. Now you ca...

played 221 times
Play Sue Sushi Restaurant
Sue Sushi Restaurant game free online

Sue Sushi Restaurant Game HOT

In this game, Sue makes sushi for her customers. You are provide with a method at the start and must learn by heart the correct way to make a particular one and also to which color o...

played 7.433 times
Play Sue Tomato Ketchup Factory
Sue Tomato Ketchup Factory game free online

Sue Tomato Ketchup Factory Game

Love ketchup? Who doesn't? Make your own in this this game. The tomato plants have already got sunlight and nutrients from the fertile soil. So you just need to start water them to m...

played 12.328 times
Play Sue's Sandwich Shop
Sue's Sandwich Shop game free online

Sue's Sandwich Shop Game HOT

At Sue's Sandwich Shop, good taste is no gamble. Click when the ingredient highlighted at the top passes between the points to add it to the sandwich. Help make some delicious sandwi...

played 5.002 times
Play Sushi Go Around
Sushi Go Around game free online

Sushi Go Around Game HOT

Select ingredients and serve customers. You are the replacement Chef, you have a 1-week trial to use the correct recipes and serve the customers in the Sushi Restaurant. Make the rig...

played 3.794 times
Play The Cake Factory
The Cake Factory game free online

The Cake Factory Game

Can you cook me a cake like this? Look at the picture then create the cake you just saw.

played 2.824 times
Play The Great Burger Builder
The Great Burger Builder game free online

The Great Burger Builder Game

Help the cook by building as many burgers as you can. Just drag the ingredients from the bins onto the buns. But be sure that you build the burger in the exact order as shown on the...

played 4.751 times
Play The Prince of Yakinku Meat Griller
The Prince of Yakinku Meat Griller game free online

The Prince of Yakinku Meat Griller Game

You are a cook of the Japanese restaurant skilled in preparing Yakinku. Are you good at grilling meat? Turn on the grill and click next to it to begin. The meat will launch onto the...

played 4.137 times
Play Thrills & Spills
Thrills & Spills game free online

Thrills & Spills Game

Take orders, serve customers and keep them happy! You need to take orders and serve customers - fast! Keep your customer satisfaction level out of the red and score the best tips for...

played 6.134 times