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Humanity The Armageddon game

Play Humanity The Armageddon free online now. Kill the world by creating a virus. Try to get it to spread globally to kill everybody. Lay down your mighty fists on th... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 8.235 times
Humanity The Armageddon game info

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Humanity The Armageddon Online Game

Humanity The Armageddon Game Description

Kill the world by creating a virus. Try to get it to spread globally to kill everybody. Lay down your mighty fists on the World as you play God by spreading viruses, creating horrendous disasters, and creating as much havoc as you can.

The idea for this game is simple. Kill of the world's population, and try to do it with the fastest time. You are tasked with developing your own lethal virus to infect and kill people. You can also use some natural disasters, including tornados, hurricanes, floods, and meteors. If you do not act quickly, the world will become over-populated. Good luck!

Humanity The Armageddon Game Instructions

Use your mouse to play.

People use the airports to travel from one continent to the next. You can use the airborne transmission option to make the virus transmit via the airport. Infected people will then have a chance of infecting other continents. The more airborne transmission options that are checked, the higher the chance the virus will spread to another continent. When a large number of a continents population becomes infected, the airport will shutdown. If an airport closes, no people will be allowed to travel in or out of that continent. If an airport closes, you can reopen it by killing off many of the infected. If you can kill enough of the infected off, your airport will then reopen.

You will begin the game with 200 points. In order to earn more points, you must kill off people. The more people that die, the more points you earn. You use these points to upgrade your virus or your disasters.

Virus Information.
Transmission options will cause your virus to spread. The airborn option will not increase the viruses transmission rate. Instead, this option will increase the likelyhood of transmitting the virus to another continent via the airport. Hereditary is the only transmission option that will infect the next generation of healthy babies. If this option is activated a percentage of the healthy newbornes will become carriers of your virus.

Lethality options will increase the chances of infected people dieing from your virus.

Becareful not to make the virus to deadly, or else the virus will kill more people than it infects. You have to learn to evolve the virus to the situation. If your airport closes before you can spread the virus, you have to make the virus very deadly (lethality) and remove the ability to transmit, (transmission). This will cause the infected to die off, reopening the airport. A virus will not spread unless it is airrborn. The airborne option will not increase the transmission rate. The airborne option will increase the chance of transmitting the virus to another continent.

Virus Costs.
Mild virus upgrades cost 100 points. Moderate virus upgrades cost 500 points. Severe virus upgrades cost 1000 points. Hereditary costs 5000 points.

Disaster Costs
Disasters are free to use. However, the game must be in autoplay mode (under options) in order to use. Disaster upgrades cost 100 points. Upgrading a disaster will make it more deadly.

If you get stuck, try using the disasters, its a free way of earning points. Don't forget, you can uncheck options to get your points back. Good luck!

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Humanity The Armageddon Game
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Game name: Humanity The Armageddon
Played: 8.235 times
Category: Adventure games » Survival Horror games
Author: Ian Markham

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