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Survival Horror Games

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Play Zombieman
Zombieman game free online

Zombieman Game HOT

Zombieman is a unique survival game, where you play as both human and zombie. Run around the dark city streets and try not to die! Shoot zombies as a human and shoot humans as a zomb...

played 7.733 times
Play Dead Frontier Night Three
Dead Frontier Night Three game free online

Dead Frontier Night Three Game HOT

Welcome to the third night of endless fight for survival of the defensive zombie shooter game Dead Frontier. Birdseye view of the undead slaughter. Defend your mansion from the creep...

played 7.382 times
Play Heist II Greed Is Hell
Heist II Greed Is Hell game free online

Heist II Greed Is Hell Game HOT

Heist II is the sequel to the original point n' click adventure where you play as a thief determined to find & escape with money that is said to be hidden in an abandoned house. In t...

played 7.127 times
Play Project Validus
Project Validus game free online

Project Validus Game HOT

Kill the zombies withmutliple weapons in this top-down view action shooting flash game. Gain skills and experience as you fight to survive in a city filled with walking dead. Whi...

played 7.018 times
Play Submachine 3 - The Loop
Submachine 3 - The Loop game free online

Submachine 3 - The Loop Game HOT

In Submachine 3 the dream continues as you must try to escape from a series of seemingly endless, identical chambers. This time there is no inventory, nothing to assemble - just an i...

played 5.861 times
Play Bhoot Attack
Bhoot Attack game free online

Bhoot Attack Game

The night is dark, The moon is high. He walks into the haunted woods where the winds are alive with the sighs of the dead, and without warning he comes under an all-out Bhoot Attack....

played 51.072 times
Play Attack Of The Dead
Attack Of The Dead game free online

Attack Of The Dead Game

The day has come when the dead arose from their graves and started roaming the lands. It is up to you to to ensure your own safety since everyone else is already zombie food or turne...

played 40.243 times
Play 24 Days In The Mall
24 Days In The Mall game free online

24 Days In The Mall Game

Defend the Mall in different missions, from the hordes of zombies. You have 24 days or twenty-four levels of zombie killing to enjoy. Use your ammo wisely and keep the mall safe from...

played 31.088 times
Play Darkness Episode 2
Darkness Episode 2 game free online

Darkness Episode 2 Game

Horror point-and-click adventure game. Solve the puzzle by collecting all the hints! You woke up in a hospital when it is closed and you have to figure out a way to escape.

played 28.808 times
Play Dead Frontier Night One
Dead Frontier Night One game free online

Dead Frontier Night One Game

June 28th 2016, a private biological research facility is raided by French police. Despite warnings from the lab technicians they proceed to release the 109 caged people, not aware t...

played 21.927 times
Play Ghostscape
Ghostscape game free online

Ghostscape Game

Capture evidence of ghosts and escape the house. Try to escape the house. Collect evidence of paranormal activity, find diary pages to reveal the backstory and perform an occult cere...

played 21.696 times
Play Forgotten Asylum
Forgotten Asylum game free online

Forgotten Asylum Game

Many strange happenings went on in the asylum when it was occupied by its residents. It is your job to meet nurse Marser and figure out what happened.

played 19.126 times
Play Darkness Episode 3
Darkness Episode 3 game free online

Darkness Episode 3 Game

Horror point-and-click adventure game. Episode 3 of the Darkness series.

played 14.797 times