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Survival Horror Games

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Play Saw IV Trapped
Saw IV Trapped game free online

Saw IV Trapped Game

Time to stare death in the face in trapped, a torture test as horrifying as anything you'll see in the SAW IV movie. "Trapped" turns the Saw IV movie into a haunting game experience...

played 14.186 times
Play Halloween Escape
Halloween Escape game free online

Halloween Escape Game

You are trapped in a Halloween house, haunted by a Vampire. You have to escape from this abode of evil using the objects found inside the house.

played 13.562 times
Play Bulwark 53 Part 2
Bulwark 53 Part 2 game free online

Bulwark 53 Part 2 Game

You must find your way through hell again in Bulwark 53 Part 2. Keep your firearm ready to shoot as you prepare to take on more zombie creatures. You've successfully escaped the Bulw...

played 11.750 times
Play Desolation The Stage of Anxiety
Desolation The Stage of Anxiety game free online

Desolation The Stage of Anxiety Game

This new type of game developped by our team will bring you in an amazing horror - suspense - adventure - shooting style journey. In this puzzle like - shooting game, you will play a...

played 10.513 times
Play DayMare Town 3
DayMare Town 3 game free online

DayMare Town 3 Game

Didn’t we just escape from that hellish town in a hot air ballon at the end of DayMare Town 2? Well. It couldn’t be THAT easy, don’t you agree? So as we return to the daymare, one qu...

played 10.104 times
Play Hap Land 2
Hap Land 2 game free online

Hap Land 2 Game

This version of Hapland is even more challenging and makes you think a lot and of course click a lot. The aim of this interactive game is to find a way to light up the torches using...

played 10.000 times
Play Dead Frontier Night Two
Dead Frontier Night Two game free online

Dead Frontier Night Two Game

A sigh of relief escapes your lips as the giant zombie behemoth falls to its knees. A moment later the first rays of sunshine begin to pierce the sky from over the horizon. It appear...

played 9.014 times
Play Dentist Damage
Dentist Damage game free online

Dentist Damage Game

Why haven't you been to the dentist for a while? Shoot the organisms before they destroy the teeth. When decay gets too bad. You'll need to perform a root canal. Severely decayed te...

played 8.286 times
Play Humanity The Armageddon
Humanity The Armageddon game free online

Humanity The Armageddon Game

Kill the world by creating a virus. Try to get it to spread globally to kill everybody. Lay down your mighty fists on the World as you play God by spreading viruses, creating horrend...

played 8.234 times
Play Submachine Future Loop Foundation
Submachine Future Loop Foundation game free online

Submachine Future Loop Foundation Game

The Submachine series continues with connecting rooms and giving you the goal of trying to escape. Point and click escape game, you must try and figure out how to escape by clicking...

played 8.022 times
Play Submachine 4 - The Lab
Submachine 4 - The Lab game free online

Submachine 4 - The Lab Game

The fourth installment of the Submachine series, try and escape again by clicking on different things, finding and using different items. Advance through the factory and unravel its...

played 6.156 times
Play Zayo The Beginning
Zayo The Beginning game free online

Zayo The Beginning Game

Kill the bunny-killer-zombies. Shoot the ugly beasts that get in your way with all sorts of weaponary you pickup along your way.

played 5.825 times
Play Arrival In Hell
Arrival In Hell game free online

Arrival In Hell Game

You've just arrived in hell, can you find your way out? You are in a prison cell with notorious criminals until one night some mysterious thing happen..

played 33.790 times