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Survival Horror Games

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Play Darkness Episode 1 Demo
Darkness Episode 1 Demo game free online

Darkness Episode 1 Demo Game

Horror point-and-click adventure game. You have to answer the door, but when you are answering, you suddenly passed out and woke up in your bed. Someone came inside your house. You a...

played 31.811 times
Play DayMare Town 1
DayMare Town 1 game free online

DayMare Town 1 Game

DayMare Town, a strange and oddly deserted town that gives the unsettling feeling that eyes are peering from around corners. It is a drab and dreary town, not a very pleasant place t...

played 19.951 times
Play Escape From 1428 Elm Street
Escape From 1428 Elm Street game free online

Escape From 1428 Elm Street Game

Escape from 1428 Elm Street ..This game took 6 months, off and on, to create. Please take the time to explore and check everything. There are many small details in here. Walk around...

played 13.029 times
Play La Piece
La Piece game free online

La Piece Game

Try to escape from another room. Looks to be a hard one. A strange game where the goal is (as usual) out of the room. You're in a room and you can make objects appear, by moving yo...

played 9.677 times
Play Submachine 2 -The Lighthouse
Submachine 2 -The Lighthouse game free online

Submachine 2 -The Lighthouse Game

The Submachine series continues in the next RPG adventure inside a lighthouse. Submachine 2 is the sequel to the original point-and-click adventure. Explore this mysterious world, co...

played 8.955 times
Play Insantatarium
Insantatarium game free online

Insantatarium Game

What the @#$% happened to Santa? He need's your help! Santa seems to have been kidnapped and has awoken in a disgusting, gloomy and quite scary scenario filled with traps and interes...

played 8.940 times
Play Sanitarium
Sanitarium game free online

Sanitarium Game

This is an animation on the clay man that goes insane. a really great stickman game, with great music and effects!

played 15.016 times
Play Nightmare Escape
Nightmare Escape game free online

Nightmare Escape Game

Escape the room! Can you gather the clues and solve the mistery with getting killed or even worse... stuck?

played 11.110 times
Play Morbid
Morbid game free online

Morbid Game

The Black Death stalks the land, but is it a plague, or something more sinister? Find out how to escape from this scary place. In the year of 1347, Europe was flooded with Black Deat...

played 10.143 times
Play Shadowed Part1 - Silent Darkness
Shadowed Part1 - Silent Darkness game free online

Shadowed Part1 - Silent Darkness Game

A plain Horror adventure game. I don't see anywhere to run. I don't see anywhere to hide. I'm being shadowed in the silent darkness. Everyone's gone and I am in the darkness alone. E...

played 8.739 times
Play Submachine Zero - Ancient Adventure
Submachine Zero - Ancient Adventure game free online

Submachine Zero - Ancient Adventure Game

Explore these ancient caverns of a forbidden tomb to find the Gem of Wisdom. Another fun point and click game, find and use different items on things or together and try and figure o...

played 7.147 times
Play Submachine 5 - The Root
Submachine 5 - The Root game free online

Submachine 5 - The Root Game

At last, all your Submachine questions will be answered. At least, you'll recognize the scenery. Let's go! This time we go back to the very first submachine ever built – historically...

played 6.283 times
Play Hellgate Escape
Hellgate Escape game free online

Hellgate Escape Game

Horror and gore fest. The world is in chaos, but you, and only you, know a way of escape. You journey to the Hellgate, where you attempt to leave your universe completely...but did y...

played 8.617 times