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Fisher Boy game

Play Fisher Boy free online now. Hunt in 24 spots all over the world and try to catch as many fishes as you can. Each time you earn enough money you can... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 7.047 times
Fisher Boy game info

How to play the SWF game:

Since the browsers blocked the SWF files you can use an extention to play the games.
Ruffle - has extentions for Chrome and Firefox

Click to Play Fisher Boy

The game will will open in a new window.

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Fisher Boy Game
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Fisher Boy Online Game

Fisher Boy Game Description

Hunt in 24 spots all over the world and try to catch as many fishes as you can. Each time you earn enough money you can unlock another hunting area, and spend the money on better gear (like weapons, oxygen etc) Watch out for the bigger fishes and sharks that might attack you!

Fisher Boy Game Instructions

Use W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move up, left, down, and right.
Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

The O2 bar is showed in top-left screen, if your O2 is running out. then alert will occur, and you must go to surface to lake a breath.

If you in The surface, you can't shoot an arrow, because it's lime to take a breath.

The top-right bar shows how far you have left to achieve your goal. If you have achieved your target, there will be an alert, and you have to go to the surface to go home.

Be careful, some fish can make your O2 stock lessen!


a. Status
Information about your money. Target achievement in each location will be converted to money, find the fish' price will fluctuate each day. Each location in the map has different target achievement.

b. Fitness
This status will affect your 02 capacity, in other words, will affect how long you can stay under water.

e. Weapon
This status will show the weapon that you use to
fishing. The ability of your weapon also showed in this status, you can change your weapon when you already have more than one weapon.

Weapon Shop:

a.Buy weapon
you can buy a weapon that has more ability.

b. Sell weapon
If you need money or don't Wanna to stock more than one weapon you can sell your weapon with 75 % price.

e. Upgrade
When your money is not enough to buy a new weapon, you can increase weapon ability by upgrading your weapon. There are three options that you can upgrade, Agility
will shorten your weapon reload time, so you can shoot more arrows in shorter delay.

Brutality makes your weapon shoot multiple arrows in one shot.
And strength will increase the speed of your arrow. So, the fish don't have enough time to swim away, damage and accuracy cannot be upgraded. It's depended on the class of your weapon.

Play the Fisher Boy Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Fisher Boy Game Screenshot

Fisher Boy Game
Adventure Online Game info
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Game name: Fisher Boy
Played: 7.047 times
Category: Adventure games » Water games
Author: Pabrik Amatir

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