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Shooting Fish game

Play Shooting Fish free online now. Aim your harpoon and shoot it down to snag a fish and reel it back up to your boat. Use your boat's harppon gun to shoot... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 26.954 times
Shooting Fish game info

How to play the SWF game:

Since the browsers blocked the SWF files you can use an extention to play the games.
Ruffle - has extentions for Chrome and Firefox

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Shooting Fish Game
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Shooting Fish Online Game

Shooting Fish Game Description

Aim your harpoon and shoot it down to snag a fish and reel it back up to your boat. Use your boat's harppon gun to shoot and hunt big fish.

Shooting Fish Game Instructions

Use the mouse to control the harpoon.
You need to hake a certain amount of honey to go to the next level each kind of fish has its own market value:

Cofwina $50
Queenfish $75
Cat fish $150
Sturgeon $300
Red fish $50
Tuna fish $100
Salmon $200
Conger-eel $500

Hit 2 or more fish with one shot and get bonus points.
Buy things at the store to help you get through the next level
And be careful with these bad guys:
Porcupine: this poison fish will make you loose money.
Ornamental fish: this fish is protected. If you hurt him, you'll loose your fishing licence!

Play the Shooting Fish Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Shooting Fish Game Screenshot

Shooting Fish Game
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Game name: Shooting Fish
Played: 26.954 times
Category: Adventure games » Water games
Author: Flash Games 247

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