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Water Games

Amazingly FUN!

Play Harry Potter Underwater Wizardry
Harry Potter Underwater Wizardry game free online

Harry Potter Underwater Wizardry Game

Welcome to the second task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. The evil waters of the lake. Beware of the Merepeople who do not take kindly to those who enter their domain. Grab the gilley...

played 11.291 times
Play Iceberg Rider
Iceberg Rider game free online

Iceberg Rider Game

Ride on iceberg and earn money then go for shopping. Add this game to your blog, MySpace or website! Iceberg Rider Ride on iceberg and earn money then go for shopping. ...

played 5.034 times
Play Insane Aquarium
Insane Aquarium game free online

Insane Aquarium Game HOT

Get your insane aquarium goldfish to grow bigger and bigger till he's eating all the fish! If you're not big enough yet, look out for puffers, swordfish and deadly sharks. Really fu...

played 10.664 times
Play iPirates
iPirates game free online

iPirates Game

Defend your medieval ship from pirates attack. Armor your cannons and shoot down the enemy ships before they send you to the deep blue sea.

played 8.036 times
Play Jet Bike
Jet Bike game free online

Jet Bike Game

To complete a lap steer your jet bike between the buoys in the correct order. Laps must be completed within the given time to qualify for the next course. There are five courses in e...

played 8.549 times
Play Jimmy The Fin
Jimmy The Fin game free online

Jimmy The Fin Game HOT

Avoid Jelly fish at all cost. Swim as far as possible to become a legendary fin. Also try to eat as much as possible.

played 4.247 times
Play La Hague GreenPeace
La Hague GreenPeace game free online

La Hague GreenPeace Game HOT

Help Greenpeace protect the earth, collect the dumped nuclear waste from the bed of the sea. Grab the toxic waste, and pearls, but avoid the underwater canyon walls. Conserve your en...

played 14.175 times
Play Mad Mack's Harpoon Lagoon
Mad Mack's Harpoon Lagoon game free online

Mad Mack's Harpoon Lagoon Game HOT

Shoot the fish, grab the treasure. Get the biggest stash you can and buy upgrades in the shop to help you progress! Catch fish as many as you can before time runs out.

played 41.259 times
Play Marine Bomb
Marine Bomb game free online

Marine Bomb Game

One or two players. Dodge the falling bombs and don't get hit even once or your dead.

played 5.404 times
Play Martian Madfish
Martian Madfish game free online

Martian Madfish Game

Life on mars will never be found one creature will be overlooked a mad fish is mars sole inhabitant using it's special ability to fly our hero is planning to make a giant jump toward...

played 6.297 times
Play Master And Commander Engage And Destroy
Master And Commander Engage And Destroy game free online

Master And Commander Engage And Des... Game HOT

It's a battle between you and a fellow rival ship. Fire your cannons just right so that they hit the other sailing ship before they hit you. Intercept the French privateer, Achero...

played 16.427 times
Play Micro Submarine
Micro Submarine game free online

Micro Submarine Game HOT

You are a little submarine that travels undersea. There are a lot of enemies living in the deep. Keep your Micro Submarine from hitting the underwater creatures and floating bombs....

played 2.637 times
Play Mini Boat Race
Mini Boat Race game free online

Mini Boat Race Game

Choose from 10 boats type and 12 tracks of varied difficulty in the mini boat race. Play with one or two players

played 7.876 times