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Play Aim Vs Msn 2 free online now. AIM and MSN have picked up their LMAO blades and will once and for all, settle their score and someo... Read more

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Aim Vs Msn 2 Online Game

Aim Vs Msn 2 Game Description

AIM and MSN have picked up their LMAO blades and will once and for all, settle their score and someone will win. Meet AIM and MSN. They both are instant messaging programs on the world wide web, both ever so popular. Unfortunatly Ihey hate each other. AIM and MSN have picked up their LMAO-blades and will once and for all, settle their score. You are going to play one of them in this game, which one, is up to you.

Aim Vs Msn 2 Game Instructions

You operate in the main system. The red bars under the names are the character's health. If this runs out, the character loses the match. The blue bars are the Magic Points. You need those points to cast magic.

The Yellow bars are something special, they are the overdrive bars. If you fill them up completely and do a regular attack, it will not be a regular attack, but your most powerful attack. You can boost your overdhve bar by attacking or being attacked.

You can decide your action with this menu too, use the UP and DOWN keys to move the arrow and select an action. The attack action is the one you will use the most. It makes your character attack the oppoment.

The magic action is quite useless at the start, as is the special action. They will take you to a new menu with all magic and special attacks. But you have to learn those attacks first by winning as much battles as possible.

You can get in the magic menu if you select MAGIC as action in the main action menu. Here you can select a spell you have learned to cast. This will subtract from your magic points(blue bar). The higher the spell, the more it costs.

The spells are learned after this much battles:
0: SPAM, 2: EMOTICON, 4: BUZZER, 9: WINK, 14: EMAIL, 24: BLOCK, 29: DELETE, 49:HAXXOR. You can leave the magic menu by pressing ESCAPE.

Same goes for the special menu. Learn them first. You learn the specials after: 1 battle: Limit Boost, 2 battles: Defence & Power up, 4 battles: Recover. Recover heals you a tiny bit. Limit boost boosts your limit a bit.

Power up makes you deal more damage with attacks and Defence up decreases the damage that you take while being attacked. Just like the magic menu: Select actions with SPACE and leave with ESCAPE.

After you win a battle, you will recieve an healing potion. You can use these potions in battle from the ITEM menu, which is reachable in the same way the magic and special menu are. These potions can heal quite a bit of your health.

Also, after every battle, you get to distribute 5 'stat points' to 3 stats:

Giving more to defence will reduce the damage you take by attacks.
Giving more to knowledge will increase the damage you deal with magic-
Giving more to strenght will increase the damage you deal with attacks.
Your Health and Magic Points grow gradually every battle.

REMEMBER: As you grow, your enemy grows too.

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Aim Vs Msn 2 Game
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Game name: Aim Vs Msn 2
Played: 12.247 times
Category: Arcade games » 1 vs 1 fighting games
Author: Eviludy Entertaiment

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