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1 vs 1 fighting Games

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In the past you had to go to an arcade hall to play your favorite arcade 1 vs 1 fighting games, but today you play them all for free on Gamesloon! Most of these games are based on the famous Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Virtua Fighter games, so fun is guaranteed! Pick up your sword, crossbow or baseball-bat and start playing those free games!

Play 99 The All Blacks
99 The All Blacks game free online

99 The All Blacks Game

Lions are visiting New zealand to face the Blacks. Box each player as you continue to dodge their jibs and jabs. Can you beat the crap out of them all? 1474 was the Lions first real...

played 17.317 times
Play Aevarrons Coliseum
Aevarrons Coliseum game free online

Aevarrons Coliseum Game HOT

Get into the ruthless battle arena and try to defeat all your opponents using various combo attacks.

played 13.020 times
Play Aim Vs Msn 2
Aim Vs Msn 2 game free online

Aim Vs Msn 2 Game

AIM and MSN have picked up their LMAO blades and will once and for all, settle their score and someone will win. Meet AIM and MSN. They both are instant messaging programs on the wor...

played 15.375 times
Play Ant Arena
Ant Arena game free online

Ant Arena Game

Defeat your ant opponent in the arena! Ram your ant into the others to kill them. But, don't hit head on or you'll be splatted!

played 9.597 times
Play Avatar Arena
Avatar Arena game free online

Avatar Arena Game HOT

Create your own character and challenge the world's best benders! Choose your nation and fight against 20 benders in this ultimate tournament. Good luck to you master bender!

played 353.039 times
Play Avatar: The Last Air Bender - Bending Battle
Avatar: The Last Air Bender - Bending Battle game free online

Avatar: The Last Air Bender - Bendi... Game

Avatar must defeat prince Zuko to win the game. Fight other characters with a turn based attack system. Can you win?

played 62.219 times
Play Backyard Brawl
Backyard Brawl game free online

Backyard Brawl Game HOT

Beat up your opponent with the foreign objects. In this game you pick a player and beat each other up with weird items.

played 5.312 times
Play Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden
Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden game free online

Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden Game

Osama Bin Laden has been captured. Are you a bad enough dude to kick his ass? Fight against bin Laden in a deadly fight the winner could run the loser, then beat him and take a fatal...

played 9.539 times
Play Barbarian - Sword Tournament
Barbarian - Sword Tournament game free online

Barbarian - Sword Tournament Game HOT

This time, you won't miss It. and most of all you will earn its final price : the legendary Fire Sword, which bring power and reign over all the kingdom for a year. But before you ma...

played 12.799 times
Play Batman Brawl
Batman Brawl game free online

Batman Brawl Game HOT

Batman is fighting 1 on 1 against villains that think evil prevails in this game. Help batman beat the bad guys. Choose a partner and punch your way to victory. Combo moves, quick re...

played 24.905 times
Play Batman Rock 'Em Sock ' Em
Batman Rock 'Em Sock ' Em game free online

Batman Rock 'Em Sock ' Em Game

Fight on the good side or the bad side of the Batman universe with characters from the old TV show. Punch your way to victory using Batman, Robin, Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Riddler, o...

played 12.862 times
Play Batman The Brave and the Bold: Dynamic Double Team
Batman The Brave and the Bold: Dynamic Double Team game free online

Batman The Brave and the Bold: Dyna... Game HOT

Team up with Batman and Blue Beetle to take down Kanjar Ros space pirates. On the other side of the galaxy, Batman and Blue Bettle must battle Kanjar Ro's Space pirates to save an en...

played 14.672 times
Play Battle In Megaville
Battle In Megaville game free online

Battle In Megaville Game HOT

Fight against other Powerpuff Girls member. Fight in this decent looking side view fighting game. Check all the instructions for crazy combo moves.

played 43.517 times