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Arcade Games

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Play Querschlager
Querschlager game free online

Querschlager Game HOT

Querschlager is a remake of the classic Breakout game. Control your paddle with the arrow keys and destroy the blocks. In some blocks are power ups, such as a canon, fireball and man...

played 3.278 times
Play Space Runner Original
Space Runner Original game free online

Space Runner Original Game HOT

The original black'n'white Space Runner game, similar to Helicopter, but this time you've got to jump. The aim of this game is to run as long as you can.

played 3.228 times
Play DTunnel
DTunnel game free online

DTunnel Game HOT

Fly your little ship through the crazy tunnel and avoiding smashing into the walls and explopding.

played 3.137 times
Play Final Slam
Final Slam game free online

Final Slam Game HOT

More than 90 in-game fighters! Can you defeat every single one of them and prove that you are the toughest? Ability to create up to 96 custom fighters. You can create your friends an...

played 3.076 times
Play Rocket Shooting
Rocket Shooting game free online

Rocket Shooting Game HOT

Shoot the super fast flying enemy ship multiple times to destroy it. Fast pace rocket shooting game.

played 3.074 times
Play Electronica Into the Past
Electronica Into the Past game free online

Electronica Into the Past Game HOT

Walk through alley ways and other places in this city as a hero fight crime and kick down bad guys.

played 2.979 times
Play Battle For Terra - Terratron
Battle For Terra - Terratron game free online

Battle For Terra - Terratron Game HOT

The Battle for Terra is on. Big asteroids will hurt you, little ones are your friends and stick to you.

played 2.969 times
Play Pong AI
Pong AI game free online

Pong AI Game HOT

Ow look another pong game. This time with some nice green graphics. A nice remake of the classic Pong arcade game.

played 2.859 times
Play Techno Bounce
Techno Bounce game free online

Techno Bounce Game HOT

You have to use the blocks to keep the ball bouncing in the air. The object of the game is to keep the ball bouncing around at all times. Don't let it drop or you will lose a life. T...

played 2.779 times
Play Planet X SpaceCave Exploration
Planet X SpaceCave Exploration game free online

Planet X SpaceCave Exploration Game HOT

SpaceCave exploration on an Alien planet. Rescue the stranded escape pods that have been lost within the alien planet's strange caves. Collect the escape Pods' which have been lost w...

played 2.752 times
Play Champion's Fist Alpha
Champion's Fist Alpha game free online

Champion's Fist Alpha Game HOT

An innovative fighting game which tests your strategy and reaction skills.

played 2.737 times
Play Fire Storm Fire Fighter
Fire Storm Fire Fighter game free online

Fire Storm Fire Fighter Game HOT

Play the role of fire fighter and stop the fire. The object of FireStorm is to keep the eFruitloops office building from burning to the ground. You are an eFireFighter and you are ar...

played 2.658 times
Play Sonic Trip
Sonic Trip game free online

Sonic Trip Game HOT

Help Sonic go through Dark Dungeons. A small Sonic game with decent gameplay. Gets harder as you level up.

played 2.643 times