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Asteroids Revenge 2 Man Strikes Back game info

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Asteroids Revenge 2 Man Strikes Back Online Game

Asteroids Revenge 2 Man Strikes Back Game Description

The race of man did not appreciate an asteroid standing up for itself. It was decided that if one asteroid was "bad" it was likely that the trillions of others were just as guilty. They must all be destroyed! They are coming for you! Smash into them; absorb their shells into your greater self. Avoid their lasers, they weaken your will and split your mind into many pieces. It is unlikely you will win, but you can make their victory expensive! Your an asteroid and you're pissed. Destroy the human spaceships!

Asteroids Revenge 2 Man Strikes Back Game Instructions

Use mouse WASD keys or arrow keys to move.
Space bar wil toggle mouse control.

Tips and Mechanics
- Your biggest asteroid will be colored blue and you will be able to see its exact size and life.
- Ships are invincible until they fire a shot.
- Every time you get hit by a bullet you lose 12 life
- Every small ship you destroy gives you 2 life and .25 size
- Every 10Oth ship is a large one which will give you 30 life and 10 size.
- Every 500th ship is a huge one which will give you 120 life and 40 size.
- When an asteroid is destroyed it splits into 4 asteroids all at half the size. Note: An asteroid must be at least size 30 in order to break into smaller pieces
- Smaller asteroids can move faster.
- Each ship fires once every 2 seconds [60 frames). Try to time your attacks to avoid the bullets. If you can destroy ships in large groups they will all be on the same "bullet time". TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS!

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Asteroids Revenge 2 Man Strikes Back Game
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Game name: Asteroids Revenge 2 Man Strikes Back
Played: 4.442 times
Category: Arcade games » Asteroid games
Author: EvilFree Production

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