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Breakout Games

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Balls, bricks and a paddle, we all know what that means! Time to smash those bricks and don`t drop the ball! Did you know the first breakout game was introduced in 1976? Arkanoid is a later version of Breakout. Since then a large variety of breakout games were created as flash games to play online. We have a large selection of classic arcade and modern free online breakout games; some have cool power ups and special effects. Other versions are really simple like the retro breakout versions. Give it your best shot and breakout your breakout skills!

Play Pinball Smash Up
Pinball Smash Up game free online

Pinball Smash Up Game HOT

Classic break out arkanoid style game with a pin ball machine twist.

played 10.280 times
Play Panda Bounce Fruit Collector
Panda Bounce Fruit Collector game free online

Panda Bounce Fruit Collector Game HOT

Bounce the panda and collect the fruit and other items above you. This lovely designed game is a sort of remix of breakout and fruit collecting. This is a cool game where you've got...

played 5.886 times
Play Crab's Party Battle Pong
Crab's Party Battle Pong game free online

Crab's Party Battle Pong Game HOT

A combination of pong and arkanoid game with crabs. A funny crab pong battle where you have to defeat the other 10 crab opponents by playing a head to head pong battle. The crab that...

played 5.102 times
Play Breakout 360
Breakout 360 game free online

Breakout 360 Game HOT

360 Version of breakout! Move your pad 360 degrees around the brick area. There are no top, bottom, Left and right borders. Prepare for moving bricks and rotating bouncers.

played 4.326 times
Play Magic Bounce Ball 2
Magic Bounce Ball 2 game free online

Magic Bounce Ball 2 Game HOT

This is an awesome Arkanoid game with different unique levels and power ups. Break all the bricks to pass the levels. Wait till you see the next levels and the cool power-ups!

played 3.997 times
Play Battlenoid
Battlenoid game free online

Battlenoid Game HOT

Battlenoid is an original take on the retro legend Arkanoid and the "breakout" genre. The game features a customizable "Skirmish" mode, 40 levels to master, and a "local" two-player...

played 3.448 times
Play Querschlager
Querschlager game free online

Querschlager Game HOT

Querschlager is a remake of the classic Breakout game. Control your paddle with the arrow keys and destroy the blocks. In some blocks are power ups, such as a canon, fireball and man...

played 3.373 times
Play Kim Possible Super Villain Smash Out
Kim Possible Super Villain Smash Out game free online

Kim Possible Super Villain Smash Out Game HOT

Team up with a friend from Middleton and challenge one of Kim Possible 's most evil foes. Well this game more like a 3 games in one. It got the characteristic of 3 games like arkanoi...

played 39.540 times
Play Fairly Odd Parents Break a Wish
Fairly Odd Parents Break a Wish game free online

Fairly Odd Parents Break a Wish Game HOT

Help the Fairy Land before break all the pixie blocks. Bounce Timmy into the Pixie blocks to break them and don't let our hero fall below. Timmy, Wanda and Cosmo are ready to rock...

played 19.864 times
Play Brick 3
Brick 3 game free online

Brick 3 Game HOT

The third episode of Brick is here with more classic break-breaking. The ultimate brick game, with multiplayer mode, level editor, and other nifty stuff.

played 8.942 times
Play Breakout Wars
Breakout Wars game free online

Breakout Wars Game HOT

A great version of Break Out. Knock the ball around as you grab pickups in this remix of the classic Breakout game. Choose 1 of 4 ships and try this cool arkanoid game. How far can y...

played 6.995 times
Play Galaktoid
Galaktoid game free online

Galaktoid Game HOT

In this game, you control a board to hit a ball and destroy the bricks. There are special bricks and if you break them your board may be narrowed or broadened or you may be given ext...

played 5.384 times
Play Renganax
Renganax game free online

Renganax Game HOT

The classic Breakout remixed again with multiple entertaining powerups.

played 4.399 times