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Do you remember the arcade game Pac-Man, developed by Namco in 1980? You control Pac-Man through a maze while eating as many dots as possible. When you've eaten all the dots, you are taken to the next stage. Four ghost enemies (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) roam the maze, trying to catch Pac-Man. If one of those enemies touches Pac-Man, he looses a life. When all lives have been lost, it is game over. Keep eating, eating and eating until you've reached the highest score!

Play Baby Pacman
Baby Pacman game free online

Baby Pacman Game

A clone of the original Pacman game. Gobble those dots without getting killed. Watch out that the cute little critters do not get you.

played 7.739 times
Play Ben 10 Pacman
Ben 10 Pacman game free online

Ben 10 Pacman Game

Another Pacman remake this time with our favorite hero Ben ten! Watch out for the ghosts and grab those power balls!

played 7.297 times
Play Burger Man Super Size Me
Burger Man Super Size Me game free online

Burger Man Super Size Me Game HOT

Eat all the junkfood you want!~But watch out for the evil men. Like Pacman but its Burger man. Collect burgers, shakes and fries for points. Eat a carrot to eat the evil little men.

played 12.080 times
Play Classic Pacman
Classic Pacman game free online

Classic Pacman Game HOT

Pacman rocks! Have fun. The Classic PacMan game in all its glory. Eat all the little dots without letting the ghosts get you!

played 15.804 times
Play Flashman PacMan
Flashman PacMan game free online

Flashman PacMan Game

Flash man is another online flash version game of Pacman. You must swallow all the pills while avoiding the ghosts. If you eat the magical pill, the ghosts become edible and your mov...

played 8.052 times
Play Fusion Frenzy
Fusion Frenzy game free online

Fusion Frenzy Game

Navigate your Hoover Fusion. Devour dirt as you go, but beware of the dreaded dust bunnies leaving dirt in their wake. Grab vacuum pickups, suck up all dust bunnies, and beat the clo...

played 4.517 times
Play Ghost 2000
Ghost 2000 game free online

Ghost 2000 Game

A remix of Pac-Man with better graphics and constant tapping.

played 4.213 times
Play Hacker
Hacker game free online

Hacker Game

You are the master hacker fighting for the world of free software, you got into the hart of MistoSoft company labs, the great paid software monopolist... Collect floppy *diks" to acc...

played 6.373 times
Play Hungry Bugs
Hungry Bugs game free online

Hungry Bugs Game

Guide the Hungry Bugs around the maze and eat all the little grass whilst avoiding those nasty beetles. A remixed version of PacMan, but a lot harder with few power-ups. Eat red appl...

played 5.468 times
Play Mad Pac
Mad Pac game free online

Mad Pac Game HOT

Your mission is to save Mrs MadPac from the prison. This is a way cooler version of the old school classic Pac Man but with weapons, better enemies and levels. Pac Man on Steroids.

played 4.721 times
Play Mad Pac Rabios
Mad Pac Rabios game free online

Mad Pac Rabios Game HOT

Your mission is to save Mrs Madpac by collecting all pills trough your way getting enough power to defeat the bad ghosts. Eat all of the pills while avoiding the ghosts. Collect the...

played 4.140 times
Play Mad Pac Underwater
Mad Pac Underwater game free online

Mad Pac Underwater Game HOT

Have fun with this classic game concept! Only this time its somewhat different! An underwater remix of Pacman. Different level setup gives it a new twist. Your mission is to save Mrs...

played 8.984 times
Play Mario Bros. in Pipe Panic
Mario Bros. in Pipe Panic game free online

Mario Bros. in Pipe Panic Game

Mario and Luigi in pacman world. Rescue toadstool in this fun game. Guide Mario or Luigi around the maze and collect coins while avoiding the Pirahnas. If you collect a Power Star, y...

played 7.075 times