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Ghost Wrath game

Play Ghost Wrath free online now. Fly through dungeons in your Wraith. This is a Nintendo 64 style game about ghosts, locks, traps, ha... Read more

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Played: 6.245 times
Ghost Wrath game info

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Ghost Wrath Online Game

Ghost Wrath Game Description

Fly through dungeons in your Wraith. This is a Nintendo 64 style game about ghosts, locks, traps, hallways, etc. On a remote planet there live creatures that can only be described as ghosts. Sucking the souls out of the living, they create more ghosts like themselves. One day, the ghosts find a new kind of life force they have never seen before. Hungrily one of the ghosts tries to devour it,
swallowing it up greedily. But something begins to happen inside the ghost. The ghost splits in two, and from inside a new creature emerges that has never been seen before. Ghost Wrath is born. It looks around, hot is immediately dragged below ground by more ghosts, greedy tor its life essence...

Ghost Wrath Game Instructions

Move the ghost with - cursors
First hand hit - A
Second hand hit - S

Ghost Wrath Screenshot

Ghost Wrath Game
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Game name: Ghost Wrath
Played: 6.245 times
Category: Arcade games » Retro games
Author: Rubilon

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