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Snake Games

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The first snake games were released in the late 1970's and were only playable in the arcade halls by that time. Many years later, this game became standard preloaded on most Nokia mobile phones. On Gamesloon we have several different styles of snake games, from the old school 2D snake games to a more modern 3D snake games! You play the best snake games on Gamesloon, all for free!

Play Snake Hunt
Snake Hunt game free online

Snake Hunt Game HOT

Classic old school snake game eat up apples and your snake grow longer do not hit the walls and do not get tangled in your own tail.

played 3.222 times
Play Ultimate Snake
Ultimate Snake game free online

Ultimate Snake Game HOT

Another snake game. Watch out for the walls and your tail.

played 3.152 times
Play Pied Piper Princess
Pied Piper Princess game free online

Pied Piper Princess Game HOT

The more mice the merrier in this game of conga-gating creatures. Just make sure you don't break the chain of fun. Help this little princes create a big mice conga line by walking ov...

played 7.994 times
Play Anko Mako
Anko Mako game free online

Anko Mako Game HOT

In this game you need to make sure Ankomako collects items and stays away from the evil witch. This is a classic remake of the game snake. Collect all the gifts but do not bounce off...

played 6.663 times
Play FL Tron 2.0
FL Tron 2.0 game free online

FL Tron 2.0 Game HOT

Tron in flash. Play against the computer or play two players on the same keyboard. This is the game where you control a little cycle that builds a wall after itself. Try to out ma...

played 14.952 times
Play Anaconda Chain
Anaconda Chain game free online

Anaconda Chain Game HOT

Control anaconda and eat as much cookies as you can to grow it longer.

played 13.849 times
Play Centipede Classic
Centipede Classic game free online

Centipede Classic Game

A classic old skool Atari game. Shoot the green centipede to move on to the next level.

played 29.438 times
Play 3D Worm
3D Worm game free online

3D Worm Game

Classic Worm Game in 3-D. A very simple snake game version. Eat all the apples to increase your score. Collect the apples and grow up your worm.

played 9.696 times
Play Retro Snake
Retro Snake game free online

Retro Snake Game

Play the classic snake game. Choose between 3 speeds.

played 8.071 times
Play Snake and Rabbits
Snake and Rabbits game free online

Snake and Rabbits Game

Another snake version with a pacman twist. Eat the rabbits, but don't box yourself in.

played 4.218 times
Play Inkblot
Inkblot game free online

Inkblot Game

A fast paced game in which your only goal is to collect all the different ink blots while trying to avoid yourself and others. The more ink you collect the larger you become. Collect...

played 2.773 times
Play Chio
Chio game free online

Chio Game

While playing the game you must save the snakes out of me room Rut the only way out, is threw the red gate. On each level of the game you can must save a different number of snakes....

played 2.620 times
Play Centipede 2
Centipede 2 game free online

Centipede 2 Game

Kill as many centipedes as you can. Collect dead tail pieces for weapon bonus.

played 7.423 times