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Space Invader Games

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Space Invaders is a two-dimensional arcade video game released in 1978.
In this game the player controls a laser cannon which he can move horizontally across the screen while firing at rows of aliens. After defeating all of the rows at the screen, a new number of rows with even harder aliens will appear. You will earn points for every alien that you destroy, so keep on shooting but don't get hit by the aliens!

Play Alien Hunter
Alien Hunter game free online

Alien Hunter Game HOT

You are Lisa Meng, the Alien Hunter, a feared bounty hunter who Kills evil aliens for sport and profit. Alien pirates have taken over a cargo snip, and are now hot criminals. Let the...

played 5.838 times
Play Anatom Alien Invasion
Anatom Alien Invasion game free online

Anatom Alien Invasion Game HOT

Stop the Alien Invasion!

played 7.269 times
Play Bee War
Bee War game free online

Bee War Game

Shoot the bees from the sky. A fun cartoon version of Space Invaders.

played 4.496 times
Play Critter Attack
Critter Attack game free online

Critter Attack Game

The invasion has begun, eliminate waves of aliens before they capture your world. Another Space Invaders remake.

played 3.447 times
Play Desktop Invaders
Desktop Invaders game free online

Desktop Invaders Game HOT

A really colorful version of another space invader clone. Shoot all aliens before the 3 castles are destroyed.

played 6.488 times
Play Funny Bug War Space Invaders
Funny Bug War Space Invaders game free online

Funny Bug War Space Invaders Game

Funny Bug War Game like Space Invaders.

played 4.040 times
Play Hungry Space
Hungry Space game free online

Hungry Space Game HOT

Its an Alien-Eat-Alien world out there, eat smaller aliens while avoiding being todays lunch from the bigger aliens. Like invaders but different.

played 4.527 times
Play Hybrid Fighter
Hybrid Fighter game free online

Hybrid Fighter Game

Pilot the hybrid fighter defending against alien invasion. Space invaders style game, with power ups and other new items. This makes it a lot more fun then the old Space Invaders ver...

played 5.821 times
Play Invaders Catch
Invaders Catch game free online

Invaders Catch Game

Invasion alert! this galaxy belongs to us now! Zap the aliens and catch the goodies they leave behind. Six unique galaxies, a whole lot of enemy attack waves and one mean boss battle.

played 5.551 times
Play Invasion Of The Galactic Goobers 1
Invasion Of The Galactic Goobers 1 game free online

Invasion Of The Galactic Goobers 1 Game

Game equal to the Space Invaders that only with the visual and gameplay different. Shoot down enemy spaceships to proceed to the next level.

played 3.212 times
Play Invasion Of The Galactic Goobers 2
Invasion Of The Galactic Goobers 2 game free online

Invasion Of The Galactic Goobers 2 Game

Space invaders type game. Destroy the goobers to earn points. Shoot the diving Goobers to get a quiz question and earn 500 points for every correct answer. Have fun!

played 4.995 times
Play Jeu Vote
Jeu Vote game free online

Jeu Vote Game

"Politic" game in which the voters now become the invader and your vote is the only defense. A game played like space invaders

played 4.566 times
Play Naruto Invaders
Naruto Invaders game free online

Naruto Invaders Game HOT

Try a Space Invaders version with the characters from Naruto.

played 7.452 times