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Super Mario Games

Do you like Super Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad and Yoshi? At Gamesloon you can play the the coolest Super Mario games for free! Play the original Super Mario Bros platform games, or race as fast as possible in our Super Mario Kart games! Beat Bowser, Waluigi, and Wario and try to save Princess peach... Thank You Mario! But Our Princess Is In Another Castle!

Play Dr. Mario Vitamin Toss
Dr. Mario Vitamin Toss game free online

Dr. Mario Vitamin Toss Game

Help Dr. Mario exterminate the viruses by tossing vitamins into the vials. Click "Launch" to activate the Toss meter, then click "Stop" when the vitamin color is in the proper posit...

played 25.404 times
Play Luigi's Mansion
Luigi's Mansion game free online

Luigi's Mansion Game

Luigi must save Mario in this Luigi's Mansion remake of Donkey Kong. A Kong Kong game, but stead of jumping over barrels as Mario, youre Luigi jumping over ghosts. Save Mario from th...

played 19.837 times
Play Create Your Very Own Super Mario World Scene
Create Your Very Own Super Mario World Scene game free online

Create Your Very Own Super Mario Wo... Game

Create your very own Super Mario World scene in this fun "drag and drop" Flash game! Remember playing the Super Mario Brother's games when you were younger, and wishing you could des...

played 15.646 times
Play Browser Ball 2
Browser Ball 2 game free online

Browser Ball 2 Game HOT

Play as Mario and Luigi and dodge the balls thrown by Bowser.

played 13.384 times
Play Mario Racing Tournament
Mario Racing Tournament game free online

Mario Racing Tournament Game HOT

Welcome to Plumbergames 2008! Try to beat your colleagues from the Super Mario World in this platform racing game. Choose your favorite Mario character and race to the finish line. F...

played 13.310 times
Play Monoliths Mario World
Monoliths Mario World game free online

Monoliths Mario World Game HOT

Help!!! Mario come quick!! The princess has been kidnapped by Bowser... again.. You must defeat bowser and his evil Koopa army! You're our last hope! Find and defeat Bowser to rescue...

played 12.224 times
Play Classic Mario Bros
Classic Mario Bros game free online

Classic Mario Bros Game HOT

Play the classic old mario and luigi game! The true classic Mario Bros. game back before it was even much of a sidescroller at all. Monsters have arrived from another demension via w...

played 12.030 times
Play Mario Adventure 1
Mario Adventure 1 game free online

Mario Adventure 1 Game

Another great adventurous Mario game! Explore the world, collect coins, crush the enemies.

played 11.560 times
Play Mario Vs Luigi
Mario Vs Luigi game free online

Mario Vs Luigi Game

Chase Luigi, jump over turtle shells, grab the shrooms to gain on him. Reach him for the next level. Gets harder every level!

played 9.880 times
Play Super Mario Halloween Edition
Super Mario Halloween Edition game free online

Super Mario Halloween Edition Game HOT

Super Mario Halloween Edition is a twist on the classic game with a Halloween theme. Another great Mario remake, this time a Halloween version! Dodge and kill the ghosts, shells and...

played 9.691 times
Play Super Mario Coloring
Super Mario Coloring game free online

Super Mario Coloring Game

Cool you can now paint Super Mario in this coloring game! Do you want to act as a painter or an artist? Please come to enjoy this coloring game! when you are done you can print it!

played 9.535 times
Play Mario Coloring
Mario Coloring game free online

Mario Coloring Game

Mario Coloring is a fun coloring sheet. What colors will you give the favorite video game mascot from the Super Mario games? Use your imagination!

played 8.789 times
Play Super Mario Kart Xtreme
Super Mario Kart Xtreme game free online

Super Mario Kart Xtreme Game

Super Mario Kart Xtreme is back in this fun driving game. A cool Mario Kart game, play as Mario or Luigig and crush the bad guys. But watch out for heavy stones on the road!

played 8.086 times