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Tetris Games

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Everybody knows the famous game Tetris, originally programmed by Alexey Pajitnov in the Soviet Union. He came up with the name 'Tetris' by combining the word tetra (Greek for Tetromino; a geometric shape composed of four squares) and the word tennis, which was his favorite sport. These days the game Tetris is available on almost every video game device and mobile phone. You earn points by clearing lines in the bottom of the screen, clearing out more lines at once awards more points. Try to get the highest score possible and challenge your friends at Gamesloon!

Play Flash Blox
Flash Blox game free online

Flash Blox Game HOT

Drop down blocks in this classic Tetris style game. Score as many points as possible

played 4.588 times
Play Gardenmaster
Gardenmaster game free online

Gardenmaster Game HOT

This game is a bit like tetris but different in a couple of ways. You have to make horizontal or vertical lines to clear the flowerfield! But this time you can place the blocks anywh...

played 4.475 times
Play Sue Tetris
Sue Tetris game free online

Sue Tetris Game HOT

A fun puzzle game like tetris, but with very colorful pieces. Match 3 or more of the same icons!

played 7.553 times
Play Tetris Mini Game
Tetris Mini Game game free online

Tetris Mini Game Game HOT

Another tetris spinoff with red graphics.

played 7.263 times
Play Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb game free online

Cherry Bomb Game HOT

Another Tetris game, Arrange the falling boxes so that they form a line. You will earn extra points from lines contain colored boxes. Watch out for Firecrackers, Rockets and Cherry B...

played 5.398 times
Play Carver
Carver game free online

Carver Game HOT

A fast action type game where you must destroy blocks, which are falling down the screen in a tetris style, to match one of the patterns provided. In each level you will be provid...

played 2.936 times
Play Tetris Game Boy Edition
Tetris Game Boy Edition game free online

Tetris Game Boy Edition Game HOT

Play good old Tetris the retro like you use to play on the Game Boy. This even has the original music.

played 15.306 times
Play Detris
Detris game free online

Detris Game HOT

Tetris clone with a fun twist. Pieces fall from four sides to the center.

played 9.583 times
Play Tetrix 3D
Tetrix 3D game free online

Tetrix 3D Game HOT

This is a similar type of game to the original tetris but more modern in 3D ! A 3D Tetris game that is actually somewhat challenging.

played 5.341 times
Play Doctor Trickle
Doctor Trickle game free online

Doctor Trickle Game HOT

One of Doctor Trickles experiments failed and created little creatures spreading more and more all over the world, the Trickles! Now they have to be stopped, bevor they overwhelm the...

played 5.083 times
Play Ryokan
Ryokan game free online

Ryokan Game HOT

Ryokan is an action puzzler. Rotate and drop your quad to form a new quad of the same color. When the eraser sweeps by it'll be cleared. The more blocks you clear at once the higher...

played 4.999 times
Play Tetrix 7
Tetrix 7 game free online

Tetrix 7 Game HOT

Tetrix7 is a flash game project of a tetris game with new 7 pieces. You always have to create horizontal lines of blocks without gaps. But now, with this addition of 7 new pieces, it...

played 3.346 times
Play Simple Tetris
Simple Tetris game free online

Simple Tetris Game

Another fun game of tetris. How long can you hold out?

played 58.312 times