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Wooper's Adventure game

Play Wooper's Adventure free online now. Wooper's girlfriend Has been stolen! Rescue her in this slightly infantile, Mario themed retro platform game. The aim of... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 3.870 times
Wooper's Adventure game info

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Wooper's Adventure Online Game

Wooper's Adventure Game Description

Wooper's girlfriend Has been stolen! Rescue her in this slightly infantile, Mario themed retro platform game. The aim of the game is quite simple and acts like most puzzle-platformers. Get the key to open the door to get to the next level. Don't touch any enemies or you'll die. There are cutscenes and boss fights throughout for you to enjoy, even if the plot is thinner than Cloverfield's. (Oh, bum.)

Wooper's Adventure Game Instructions

Up arrow - Jump / Enter door
Left arrow - Move Left
Right arrow - Move right

Not much can be said about the controls, its pretty self-explanitory. You can play the whole game with one hand, so you can enjoy Wooper's awesomeness and eat a pizza at the same time. :D

There are several types of power-ups in this game. There's the Key that will open the door to the next level. There's the Explosion that will break or create blocks somewhere on the stage, altering the level, and the Cherry that fully replenishes your health back to 5.

There are several enemies in this game as well, each of which will do different things Voltorb will continuously roll forward, Diglett pops in and out of his hole and Slugma doesn't move at all. Its up to you to time your jumps and figure out how to avoid them all!

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Wooper's Adventure Game
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Game name: Wooper's Adventure
Played: 3.870 times
Category: Arcade games
Author: Unknown

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