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Do you remember The Legend of Zelda, one of the best computer games ever released? The original game was officially released in 1986, many sequels on different platforms followed, and has so far over 60 million copies sold. But on Gamesloon you don't have to buy games, you can play them all for free! So hurry and help Link rescue Princess Zelda from the hands of the evil Ganon!

Play Adventures Of Zelda
Adventures Of Zelda game free online

Adventures Of Zelda Game

Help Link fight the warriors, save the villagers, and drop your bombs in this fantastic adventure game. A great online Zelda flash game for all you Nintendo fans! You must first go f...

played 36.439 times
Play Catacombs
Catacombs game free online

Catacombs Game

A fun Zelda like adventure exploration game. Legend tells of a hero who battled a great evil long ago. Facing untold horrors and the legions of evil in the depths of a cursed Dun...

played 4.568 times
Play Link from Zelda Dress Up
Link from Zelda Dress Up game free online

Link from Zelda Dress Up Game HOT

Dress up Link, your favorite arcade character with a wide choice of dress and accessories to choose from. Change sword shield hood hair eyes boots gauntlets and gloves on Link from L...

played 65.659 times
Play Ultimate Zelda Quiz
Ultimate Zelda Quiz game free online

Ultimate Zelda Quiz Game HOT

Answer questions right about the many Zelda games that have been released. Mess up and start over.

played 15.000 times
Play Zelda 64 Mini-Games
Zelda 64 Mini-Games game free online

Zelda 64 Mini-Games Game

Shooting mini-games from Zelda. With games line Bulls-eye where you need to hit the bulls-eye many times. Cucco Hunt, where you kill as many cuccos as you can. Rupees, wher you need...

played 105 times
Play Zelda And The Lampshade Of No Real Signigicance
Zelda And The Lampshade Of No Real Signigicance game free online

Zelda And The Lampshade Of No Real... Game HOT

Your Zelda, but what's this about a lampshade? A very original Zelda Adventure!

played 11.339 times
Play Zelda C.O.W.A
Zelda C.O.W.A game free online

Zelda C.O.W.A Game

The goal of the game is to kill as many enemies as possible before time runs out. Stay alive in the process! Jump to avoid your enemies and use the playing field's size to your advan...

played 9.728 times
Play Zelda Collecting Of Pills
Zelda Collecting Of Pills game free online

Zelda Collecting Of Pills Game

The Zelda version of the original Pac Man game. Your objective is to collect all the pills avoiding the enemies.

played 7.267 times
Play Zelda Invaders
Zelda Invaders game free online

Zelda Invaders Game

Opponents are constantly approaching towards your posts so try to align with them to throw arrows accurately. You can play in Classic as well as in Dungeon mode.

played 6.891 times
Play Zelda Invaders 2
Zelda Invaders 2 game free online

Zelda Invaders 2 Game HOT

Pick a map and play! You can play Classic, Dungeon, Castle and Death MT.

played 6.382 times
Play Zelda Links Backyard
Zelda Links Backyard game free online

Zelda Links Backyard Game HOT

Link was planting flowers in his backyard when he suddenly realized he was lost, he looked everywhere but couldn't find his house. At the very next moment enemies emerged everywhere...

played 18.549 times
Play Zelda Seeds of Darkness
Zelda Seeds of Darkness game free online

Zelda Seeds of Darkness Game HOT

The forest of Hyrule has been touched by the evil spell. Three evil seeds that lie in the forest have awoken. The first seed is the source of sadness the second is the bearer of jeal...

played 9.947 times
Play Zelda Valentines Day Quest
Zelda Valentines Day Quest game free online

Zelda Valentines Day Quest Game

Link has forgotten that it was Valentines day, and so the quest begins. Help Link gather together the right ingredients to get flowers for Zelda.

played 14.814 times