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Play MarbleBox
MarbleBox game free online

MarbleBox Game

MarbleBox is a challenging strategy game. Your objective is to mark all boxes that contains marbles. If you open a box that contains a marble, the game is over! This game is a lot li...

played 6.548 times
Play Marvin The Martian Land Grab
Marvin The Martian Land Grab game free online

Marvin The Martian Land Grab Game

Race around the land and block Daffy Duck in with the smoke from your hovercraft. Grab as much land as you can without dieing! I claim this planet in the name of Mars! Isn't that lov...

played 25.280 times
Play Master Checkers
Master Checkers game free online

Master Checkers Game

Classic board game checkers, move your pieces to the other side while jumping over enemy pieces.

played 15.207 times
Play Master Mind
Master Mind game free online

Master Mind Game

Place the colored pegs in the 4 different slots and try to guess the sequence the computer has set you. Choose colors and try to find out which combination.

played 6.426 times
Play Mastermind The Puzzle
Mastermind The Puzzle game free online

Mastermind The Puzzle Game HOT

Determine the Mastermind's color combination. Try to solve the color combination with the least ammount of moves as possible.

played 14.717 times
Play MatchBlox 2 Abram's Quest
MatchBlox 2 Abram's Quest game free online

MatchBlox 2 Abram's Quest Game HOT

It is easy to recall the childhood talcs of the infamous prate Captain Abram, who sailed these waters many years ago. You remember your parents catling, "Be home before dark or Capta...

played 7.724 times
Play Minnim Mastermind
Minnim Mastermind game free online

Minnim Mastermind Game

The goal is to guess the colour of each of the pieces that are hidden under the black squares. One piece has to be placed into each of the squares until the line is completed. Every...

played 3.922 times
Play Multiplayer Four In A Row
Multiplayer Four In A Row game free online

Multiplayer Four In A Row Game

In this game there will be a board with holes and you can slide in the pegs. You and your opponent should take turns to slide in your own pegs, the own who connects 4 or more of one'...

played 10.818 times
Play Multistage Mahjong Solitaire
Multistage Mahjong Solitaire game free online

Multistage Mahjong Solitaire Game

Multistage Mahjong features tile sets with increasing difficulty when you progress through the game

played 13.663 times
Play Mytheria
Mytheria game free online

Mytheria Game HOT

Mytheria is a sci-fi card game, where you battle your opponents, win challenges, and build your own decks. Mytheria is a card game, where you use strategy and timing to defeat your o...

played 17.200 times
Play Nancy Drew Ransom Of The Seven Ships
Nancy Drew Ransom Of The Seven Ships game free online

Nancy Drew Ransom Of The Seven Ships Game

A mini-game based on the PC Adventure. Match wits against a monkey to win a guava for Coucou and digital prizes for yourself.

played 12.751 times
Play Necronomicon 1
Necronomicon 1 game free online

Necronomicon 1 Game

Choose wisely which cards you use and attack your opponent with. Maintain sanity and life as you win. Use cards to attack, taint, and summon monsters against your opponent. Drive the...

played 10.041 times
Play Necronomicon 2
Necronomicon 2 game free online

Necronomicon 2 Game HOT

Lay down your cards to continue to defeat the computer opponent as each level the CPU gets better. Battle against the Cthulhu Mythos in the single player card game based on the works...

played 17.643 times