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Do you want to become a Grand Master at chess like Kasparov or Fischer? This is your chance to measure your skill against those of other players or the computer! Apart from 3D chess, we also have Chinese Chess (Xiang Qi); a chess variation with different pieces and moves, that does not allow perpetual check (repeating the same series of moves over and over to force a draw). Try it now and beat your friends at it!

Play 3D Flash Chess
3D Flash Chess game free online

3D Flash Chess Game

3D Flash Chess with great AI opponent. Defeat the computer with carefully thought out moves (or not) in 3D Flash Chess.

played 30.318 times
Play Battle Chess
Battle Chess game free online

Battle Chess Game

Another Chess game, possible to play this with 1 or 2 players. Use your strategic moves to win against your opponent!

played 32.763 times
Play Chess
Chess game free online

Chess Game

A simple game of chess. Can you beat the opponent?

played 9.061 times
Play Chess Maniac
Chess Maniac game free online

Chess Maniac Game

Chess! Try to win this game and get the king of your enemy.

played 21.776 times
Play Chess Tower Defense
Chess Tower Defense game free online

Chess Tower Defense Game HOT

Buy and move chess pieces in order to stop the enemies attack. A great Chess Tower Defense game.

played 14.449 times
Play Classic Chess
Classic Chess game free online

Classic Chess Game

A simple chess game. Defeate the enemy with a good chess strategy.

played 14.588 times
Play Flash Chess
Flash Chess game free online

Flash Chess Game

2D Flash chess with great AI. Can you beat this smart computer game?

played 24.114 times
Play Obama Chess
Obama Chess game free online

Obama Chess Game HOT

Like chess? Love Obama? With Barack's investiture as the new president of USA. Meet the prominent political figures from US Administration and Congress and have.

played 62.996 times
Play Ratsuk
Ratsuk game free online

Ratsuk Game

Using knight's moves from chess, you must heat the computer You can move only once in each square Less moves - hotter score If you can't move, you lose.

played 8.088 times
Play Tomb Chess
Tomb Chess game free online

Tomb Chess Game HOT

A unique approach to the classic game of chess. this is a chess like strategy game. Your objective is to clear the board (graveyard) of your opponent's pieces (ghouls). Unlike regula...

played 17.978 times
Play Xiang Qi Training
Xiang Qi Training game free online

Xiang Qi Training Game HOT

The rules of Chinese Chess differs slightly from the internationally recognized game of Chess, making it easy for anyone who know Chess to learn how to play Chinese Chess. Play chine...

played 11.364 times