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Domino Frenzy game

Play Domino Frenzy free online now. Place the dominos all over the map to complete objectives. Careful on turns. Your objective is to create large domino ch... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 10.127 times
Domino Frenzy game info

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Domino Frenzy Online Game

Domino Frenzy Game Description

Place the dominos all over the map to complete objectives. Careful on turns. Your objective is to create large domino chains as quickly as possible. The chain must start at the 'entry' point and end at the 'exit'. You can create multiple chains, loops, and use different colors, whatever you like. You are allocated a certain amount of time and a set number of dominoes to use to get through each level. Using all the required dominoes is not enough - they all have to fall over when pushed at the end of a round.

You can remove a placed domino (click undo and the select the domino you want to remove) or clear all the dominoes. Be creative and use whatever colors you like! You can save your domino pattern to look at later.

Watch out for obstacles - you will have to work around them, except for the bridge - you can place your dominoes over it.

When you're done placing your dominoes, click the first domino to start the chain reaction!

You are given 10 points for every domino used and 10 points for every second you have left at the end of a round.

Free play.
In free play you can set up whatever domino chain you like without any time pressures - allowing you to be extra creative -just remember not to knock the dominoes over before you're finished! Create a masterpiece and show the world just how good you really are!

Domino Frenzy Game Instructions

Point, click and drag to start your domino chain.
To place a single domino simply point and click and then adjust the domino angle.

Make sure the curves you use are not too sharp.
If a curve is too sharp, the dominoes may not hit one another when turning.

Click on reset to make the dominoes stand up again (only works in free play)

Click on 'undo' to remove the last placed domino.
Click on 'delete' to remove a specific domino.

Play the Domino Frenzy Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Domino Frenzy Screenshot

Domino Frenzy Game
Board Online Game info
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Game name: Domino Frenzy
Played: 10.127 times
Category: Board games
Author: Free World Group

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