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A big Mahjong board game collection for hours of entertainment right here on Gamesloon. Choose from the classic and new style mahjong games. The Mahjongg games have various picture themed tiles like animals, Celtic and neotiles. They also vary from board shapes, if you like out of the box Mah jong games, try the Mahjong burger game where you match up burger orders. Play the biggest collection of free online Mahjong games now.

Play Animal Mahjong Solitaire
Animal Mahjong Solitaire game free online

Animal Mahjong Solitaire Game

The object of the game is to match tiles. to make a match you must select two matching tiles that are not blocked from the right or the left. If you can't select a tile, then it is b...

played 122.568 times
Play Celtic Mahjong Solitaire
Celtic Mahjong Solitaire game free online

Celtic Mahjong Solitaire Game

Save the goddess and restore the seasons from an evil spell in this Celtic twist on mahjong solitaire.

played 114.453 times
Play Food House Mahjong
Food House Mahjong game free online

Food House Mahjong Game

Original Mahjong game. Instead of the Chinese symbols the cards show foodstuff. Use your mouse to connect similar foods before the time runs out.

played 34.041 times
Play French Mahjong
French Mahjong game free online

French Mahjong Game

Clone of the popular classic tile based Shanghai. You must collect all the pieces that are on the board.

played 58.461 times
Play Looney Tunes Mahjong
Looney Tunes Mahjong game free online

Looney Tunes Mahjong Game HOT

A fun Looney Tunes cartoon version of Mahjong with of all the Looney Tunes stars as the tiles.

played 10.195 times
Play Mah Jong Connect
Mah Jong Connect game free online

Mah Jong Connect Game

Different style of mahjongg, where you need to match two tiles by connecting them with a pathway. Play mahjong and finish it before time runs out.

played 60.386 times
Play Mah Jong Empire
Mah Jong Empire game free online

Mah Jong Empire Game

Can you match the symbols together in this Mahjong game with multiple boards?

played 12.530 times
Play Mahjong Alchemy
Mahjong Alchemy game free online

Mahjong Alchemy Game

Try you skills in a very cool mahjong game. Click two matching tiles to remove them. Only free tiles can be selected. Free tiles are not covered by any other tiles and have a free ed...

played 143.585 times
Play Mahjong Black and White
Mahjong Black and White game free online

Mahjong Black and White Game

Combine a black Mahjong stone with a white Mahjong stone and clear the board before your time is up

played 32.384 times
Play Mahjong Burger
Mahjong Burger game free online

Mahjong Burger Game

A fun puzzle game in a hamburger joint. You have to see what food is on the connveyor belt. And at the same time match up those foods items in the center of the screen. Prepare all t...

played 15.002 times
Play Mahjong Connect
Mahjong Connect game free online

Mahjong Connect Game HOT

Classic Mahjong Connect game. Connect 2 of the same stones. The path connecting the 2 stones must have no more then 3 straight lines. Link a pair images by clicking on them. They nee...

played 21.291 times
Play Mahjongg 2
Mahjongg 2 game free online

Mahjongg 2 Game

Another version of mahjong with nice graphics.

played 83.893 times
Play Multistage Mahjong Solitaire
Multistage Mahjong Solitaire game free online

Multistage Mahjong Solitaire Game

Multistage Mahjong features tile sets with increasing difficulty when you progress through the game

played 14.035 times