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Elements game

Play Elements free online now. Elements is a free fantasy online card game. Hundreds of creatures, spells, magic and artifacts to play with. The player... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 11.697 times
Elements game info

How to play the SWF game:

Since the browsers blocked the SWF files you can use an extention to play the games.
Ruffle - has extentions for Chrome and Firefox

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Elements Game

Elements Online Game

Elements Game Description

Elements is a free fantasy online card game. Hundreds of creatures, spells, magic and artifacts to play with. The player is an elemental, a spirit composed of an element; elements are the fundamental building blocks of nature. Each elemental has an arsenal of skills that can be used in a duel against another elemental; each skill corresponds to a card. The player can pick which and how many cards to use in the duel and collect them together in a card deck.

Each elemental receives 100 health points (HP) at the beginning of the match, the duel is over when one of the elementals reaches 0 HP or runs out of cards.

Elements Game Instructions

Use your mouse to play.
Detailed information can be found in the game.

There are 3 types of cards:
- Creature cards: These cards will summon a creature that will fight for the elemental; creatures have a certain amount of attack power, health point and special skill themselves.
- Spell cards: Spells have an immediate outcome; spell cards are discarded after their effect took place.
- Permanent cards: Permanents are artifacts, equipment, or any other item that will remain in play for an indefinite amount of time.

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Elements Game Screenshot

Elements Game
Card Online Game info
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Game name: Elements
Played: 11.697 times
Category: Card games » Fantasy & CCG games
Author: Justin Carpenter

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