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Necronomicon 2 game

Play Necronomicon 2 free online now. Lay down your cards to continue to defeat the computer opponent as each level the CPU gets better. Battle against the Ct... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 18.041 times
Necronomicon 2 game info

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Necronomicon 2 Game

Necronomicon 2 Online Game

Necronomicon 2 Game Description

Lay down your cards to continue to defeat the computer opponent as each level the CPU gets better. Battle against the Cthulhu Mythos in the single player card game based on the works of HP Lovecraft. Use cards to attack, taint, and summon monsters against your opponent. Drive them insane without going insane yourself, and boost your defence or attack.

Necronomicon 2 Game Instructions

Use mouse to play the cards.

How to play:

When your sanity hits zero, you will go insane. There are various types of Insanity effects, and one of them will be applied randomly. Generally they will limit you in some way (some could spell certain doom) and can only be removed by increasing your sanity back up beyond zero.

Your Life and Sanity counters.
When your Life reaches zero, you are dead. You start with the maximum life, and cannot go 'above your max life from cards. So dont waste life giving cards if you already have high life points. Sanity is reduced as you use cards. The more powerful the .card, the more sanity required to use it. Sanity is the cost for delving into the Mythos. So some cards cost zero due them not being of an occult nature. If your sanity reaches zero you can still use cards that cost sanity but you will be insane. You start with 25 Sanity plus a random number between 1 and 10. So could start with more, or less sanity than your opponent. You can go above your starting sanity using cards. There's no limit.

5 cards
This is your hand. 5 cards are dealt to you and your opponent.

At the end of each round your score is calculated based on remaining life, sanity, damage 'dealt, and minus damage 'received. As you score points you increase in rank. For each .~ rank Increase you gain an extra 5 max life points. -Your opponent gains a rank (and .5 life) every round, so if you don't score well to keep up, you will have less life than your opponent as the game continues. But if you score well, you could jump an extra rank and gain an advantage. Cards are unlocked every couple of computer levels you beat. The game will AUTOS AVE every 3 levels. After level 20 (last level) you will get a final stats screen with some extra game information.

Taint of the Yellow Sign
Certain cards and effects Taint you. For every tainted point you have, you will take one damage at the end of your turn. The only 'way to purge yourself of the taint is to use certain cards. You cannot die from being tainted - if you are down to 1 life point, your taint will be removed. Taint points are NOT cumulative - the number of taint points only increase if the current card used has a higher taint than the current points. So, if your opponent has 1 taint point, and you use card that gives 2 taint points, your opponent will have 2 taint points, not 3.

Elder Sign
The Elder Sign is one of the few defenses against the Mythos. It can be increased through the use of certain cards. For each point you have, you will take 1 less damage from cards and - monsters (occult cards only - it cannot protect you from normal weapons such as Shotguns etc.). Its effect is also cumulative, and there's no limit to the amount you can build up. But It can be dispelled on you.

Arcane Power
As you increase your knowledge of the Mythos through the use of certain cards, you can increase your Arcane power. For every point you have, you will deal one extra • .~ damage for all cards that show the symbol next to the damage number. It's also cumulative, so there's no limit to the amount you can build up. Like the Elder Sign, It can also be dispelled on you.

The Necronomicon
After selecting a card to play, you click on the Ilea onomicon to play it.

Creature Icons
You can summon vile creatures and bind them to protect you from your opponents creatures. Due to the difficulty involved in dealing with the Mythos (and to save your sanity), you can only. control one creature at a time. Beware - if you summon a second creature while you already have one in play, the .first creature will be replaced by the second one. Creatures have an attack score (shown in red on the icon). They don! attack directly, instead they counterattack after your opponent has damaged you. If your opponent has a creature in play, then the damage dealt will be your creatures attack minus his, and also minus any Elder Sign defense your opponent has. Creatures can be banished via certain cards.

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Necronomicon 2 Game
Card Online Game info
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Game name: Necronomicon 2
Played: 18.041 times
Category: Card games » Fantasy & CCG games
Author: Games of Cthulhu

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