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Cafe Solitaire game

Play Cafe Solitaire free online now. Take a moment and relax with the DChoc Cafe Solitaire. To start the fun please press Play. Play a regular game of Solita... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 32.252 times
Cafe Solitaire game info

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Cafe Solitaire Online Game

Cafe Solitaire Game Description

Take a moment and relax with the DChoc Cafe Solitaire. To start the fun please press Play. Play a regular game of Solitaire without all the flash and just the game.

Cafe Solitaire Game Instructions

Use your mouse to pick up and place the cards. Click on the stock to turn cards.
Double-clicking a card will move it automatically to the foundation if it can be placed there.
Click the Sounds button to toggle the sounds on and off.
Click the Undo button to undo your last move.
Click the Restart button to quit your current game and to deal the cards again.

Move all of the cards from the stock and the tableau to the four foundation piles.

Arrange all of the cards from ace to king in suit to the foundations marked with an "A". The game is over when you can! move any more cards.

Arrange cards into sequences and try to reveal the hidden cards. Note that you can only put kings or sequences that start with a king into spaces.

Arrange cards by selecting one card or a sequence of cards and moving them over a higher card of alternate color.

The game table consists of four foundations, seven tableau columns, a stock pile and a waste pile.

Foundations: Build up from ace to king in suit. Cards can be moved back from the foundations to the tableau.

Tableau: Build down in alternating colors. You can either move one or a legal sequence of cards. Removing cards from a column reveals the hidden cards. Spaces can be filled only with a king or a sequence that starts with a king.

Stock and Waste: Use the stock pile to draw a card to the waste pile. The top-most card of the waste pile can be played. Select the stock to draw three new cards to the waste pile. Re-deal by selecting the stock.

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Cafe Solitaire Screenshot

Cafe Solitaire Game
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Game name: Cafe Solitaire
Played: 32.252 times
Category: Card games » Solitaire games
Author: Digital Chocolate

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