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Ben 10 Games

Is Ben 10 your favorite cartoon superhero? Then you will love our top quality Ben 10 games collection! Help your hero Ben 10 to save the world and defeat his enemies in the most exciting Ben 10 games online! Ben goes from zero to hero after discovering a mysterious watch-like device. Create your own Aliens with the Ben 10 Alien creator, defeat Dr. Animo and help Ben ten defeat the Kraken! Play all of the fun adventures in the free Ben 10 cartoon games!

Play Ben 10 Super Bike
Ben 10 Super Bike game free online

Ben 10 Super Bike Game HOT

Drive as Ben 10 with your Super bike in great courses. Test your balancing skills. Keep balance, don't turn around and watch your head. The less you crash the more score you will rec...

played 371.567 times
Play Ben 10 DNA Lab
Ben 10 DNA Lab game free online

Ben 10 DNA Lab Game

Combine the DNA of several Ben 10 aliens to create completely different characters! Just put the code for each alien each side of the Omnitrix to see which hero becomes modified Ben!...

played 52.376 times
Play Ben 10 The Alien Device
Ben 10 The Alien Device game free online

Ben 10 The Alien Device Game HOT

Solve the mysteries of the alien device with Ben 10, Gwen, and his grandfather. This is a very exciting Ben 10 adventure game where you have to solve clues and puzzles to get trough...

played 31.268 times
Play Ben 10 Dressup
Ben 10 Dressup game free online

Ben 10 Dressup Game

Give Ben 10 a new awesome look with the Ben 10 Dress up game. Choose the right clothes for Ben 10 and then print the result when you are satisfied with the coolness of the clothing.

played 20.340 times
Play Ben 10 - Ben Ten - Savage Pursuit
Ben 10 - Ben Ten - Savage Pursuit game free online

Ben 10 - Ben Ten - Savage Pursuit Game HOT

Dr. Animo sends his mutant animals to retrieve the components for his transmodulator. Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max know that Animo is up to something. They decide it to check io out the...

played 18.604 times
Play Ben Ten Aliens Coloring
Ben Ten Aliens Coloring game free online

Ben Ten Aliens Coloring Game

Color all the cool aliens from Ben 10. Pick colors from the right side and color the Ben 10 aliens.

played 18.429 times
Play Ben 10 Addition
Ben 10 Addition game free online

Ben 10 Addition Game

Click on the alien with the correct answer to the equation. Ben 10 Addition game, a fun ben 10 math game. Math will never be boring again with this online game. Your idol Ben 10 will...

played 18.384 times
Play Ben 10 Jigsaw 2
Ben 10 Jigsaw 2 game free online

Ben 10 Jigsaw 2 Game

Classic jigsaw puzzle fun with Ben 10 in 49 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.

played 17.918 times
Play Ben 10 Alien Creator
Ben 10 Alien Creator game free online

Ben 10 Alien Creator Game

Create your own Ben 10 alien with a few simple clicks.

played 17.892 times
Play Ben 10 Hero Matrix
Ben 10 Hero Matrix game free online

Ben 10 Hero Matrix Game HOT

Create an alien with your hero matrix. Use the Ben 10 Hero Matrix to create your own alien heroes to print and share. There are thousands of ways how you can customize your aliens....

played 15.426 times
Play Ben 10 - Cavern Run
Ben 10 - Cavern Run game free online

Ben 10 - Cavern Run Game HOT

In this draw game you may help the little Benjamin Tennyson through the caverns. Help Ben Ten collect items and get across the obstacles. Draw quick before Ben 10 starts running. Dra...

played 15.061 times
Play Ben 10 and Winx Stella Coloring
Ben 10 and Winx Stella Coloring game free online

Ben 10 and Winx Stella Coloring Game

Ben 10 and Winx Stella Coloring sheet. Can you make the best looking coloring sheet possible?

played 14.386 times
Play Ben 10 Bakugan Fight
Ben 10 Bakugan Fight game free online

Ben 10 Bakugan Fight Game HOT

Ben 10 has a fight against Bakugan. Fun ben ten and bakugan fighting game. Help ben 10 fight his way to victory in this special battle. Ben 10 Bakugan fight a great game with your tw...

played 13.654 times