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Play Batman The Cobblebot Caper
Batman The Cobblebot Caper game free online

Batman The Cobblebot Caper Game HOT

Du na na na na na na na BATMAN! Another heroic adventure of the black caped crusader they call BATMAN. Play as a famous hero batman and defeat all the bad guys! Battle a medley of mi...

played 19.760 times
Play Batman The Dark Ride
Batman The Dark Ride game free online

Batman The Dark Ride Game HOT

Ride Batman to reach the target and you need to face many obstacles at different levels. Collect coins to get points. Extra points will be added for every flip.

played 8.711 times
Play Batman The Rooftop Caper
Batman The Rooftop Caper game free online

Batman The Rooftop Caper Game HOT

Take to the rooftops of Gotham City as everyone's favorite Caped Crusader, Batman! Ascend to the rooftops as you take on Kanjar Ro and his band of villainous henchmen!

played 10.104 times
Play Batman The Scarecrow Revenge
Batman The Scarecrow Revenge game free online

Batman The Scarecrow Revenge Game HOT

Help Batman to explore underground caves beneath Wayne Manor, where Scarecrow is hiding and get him once and for all. You have to collect light sticks to accumulate as many points.

played 6.452 times
Play Batman The Umbrella Attack
Batman The Umbrella Attack game free online

Batman The Umbrella Attack Game HOT

Catch the Penguin while he's flying his way up on the buildings! Using Batman's Jet Pack catch the Penguin on the roof, then switch to the Bat Wing; and glide down to make the captur...

played 11.684 times
Play Batman Truck
Batman Truck game free online

Batman Truck Game HOT

Batman swapped his batmobile for a bat style monster truck. You drive this monster tires truck on a rocky terrain along the riverside. As you progress, collect badges along the way....

played 20.596 times
Play Batman Underground
Batman Underground game free online

Batman Underground Game HOT

Batman has went underground to battle Joker's villains. Help stop the evil that lurks under Gotham City. Collect hearts to restore life. Have fun.

played 10.931 times
Play Batman Vs Mr Freeze
Batman Vs Mr Freeze game free online

Batman Vs Mr Freeze Game

Stop mr. Freeze! Play as batman and try to destroy Mr Freeze by shooting bat things at him, try not to let him freeze you in this fun Batman Vs Mr Freeze game online. Mr. Freeze is t...

played 23.162 times
Play Batman vs Superman Basketball Tournament
Batman vs Superman Basketball Tournament game free online

Batman vs Superman Basketball Tourn... Game

Check out this fun basketball game betwen Batman and Superman, who will win!? Choose between Batman or Superman and dunk as many basketballs as you possibly can.

played 14.076 times
Play Batman's Bat Dog
Batman's Bat Dog game free online

Batman's Bat Dog Game HOT

If there is a batman, there has got to be a batdog around too, and we have just happened to find one in this interesting flash game. Navigate the batdog through various levels and mi...

played 15.165 times
Play Batmans Gotham Dark Night
Batmans Gotham Dark Night game free online

Batmans Gotham Dark Night Game HOT

Total Blackout! The Joker menaces to blow up Gotham City's Power plant and plunge the city into darkness once again! Help Batman defuse all of the Joker's bombs in every level of the...

played 17.477 times
Play Battle In Megaville
Battle In Megaville game free online

Battle In Megaville Game HOT

Fight against other Powerpuff Girls member. Fight in this decent looking side view fighting game. Check all the instructions for crazy combo moves.

played 43.517 times
Play Beauty And The Beast
Beauty And The Beast game free online

Beauty And The Beast Game

Beauty and the Beast are in love, and now they are getting married - uniting their planet kingdoms. How should a galactic Princess dress? Do you think Beauty should be "out of this w...

played 9.631 times