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Play Finding Nemo Dory's Memory
Finding Nemo Dory's Memory game free online

Finding Nemo Dory's Memory Game HOT

Dory needs major help with her memory! She has Co match up all her friends as fast as she can but can't remember a thing! Help her match all the characters before the time runs out!...

played 14.044 times
Play Genie From Aladdin Dress Up
Genie From Aladdin Dress Up game free online

Genie From Aladdin Dress Up Game HOT

It's the Genie from the Disney movie Aladdin! He is so funny! Give him an outfit that matches his crazy style!

played 6.925 times
Play Goofy In Wipeout
Goofy In Wipeout game free online

Goofy In Wipeout Game

A perfect sunny day, and a Goofy is ready to catch some wave! Help Goofy stay balanced on his surfboard. Score big by surfing at the crest of the wave! If goofy falls in the water it...

played 7.441 times
Play Goofy Online Colouring Pages
Goofy Online Colouring Pages game free online

Goofy Online Colouring Pages Game HOT

Show off your coloring skills by coloring Goofy with the right colors and make it look awesome. You can choose between 6 different Goofy Colouring pages.

played 8.352 times
Play Goofy Puzzle It
Goofy Puzzle It game free online

Goofy Puzzle It Game

Great Goofy puzzle games! Choose between three sorts of puzzles, jigsaw, flipstrip and slider puzzles. The click on the puzzle it button to begin your goofy puzzle.

played 9.433 times
Play Goofy's Hot Dog Drop
Goofy's Hot Dog Drop game free online

Goofy's Hot Dog Drop Game HOT

Everyone is craving a hot dog, and Goofy is the only one in town who can answer their call! Help Goofy prove to the town that he's the best hot dog delivery guy around! Help Goofy...

played 11.228 times
Play Help Cinderella Escape
Help Cinderella Escape game free online

Help Cinderella Escape Game HOT

It's almost midnight, and the Fairy Godmother's spell is about to expire! Guide the pumpkin-coach through the streets to help her get away before she's discovered! Cinderella has...

played 8.849 times
Play Hidden Mickey Hunt
Hidden Mickey Hunt game free online

Hidden Mickey Hunt Game

Can you find all the hidden Mickey's? Silhouettes of Mickey's head are hidden in each stage. When you click on a Hidden Mickey, the number of Hidden Mickeys at the top of the board g...

played 16.116 times
Play House Of Mouse Mouse Match
House Of Mouse Mouse Match game free online

House Of Mouse Mouse Match Game HOT

Make the Mickey Mouse silhouettes disappear by clicking on groups of two or more that are the same color! The Mickey Meter will build up as the silhouettes disappear. Make eight or m...

played 24.642 times
Play Jasmine & Tiana Similarities
Jasmine & Tiana Similarities game free online

Jasmine & Tiana Similarities Game HOT

Can you find all the similarities between Princess Tiara and Princess Jasmin in the pictures? Identify the similarities in the two different images and click the similar object to ge...

played 7.961 times
Play Jasmine's Flying High
Jasmine's Flying High game free online

Jasmine's Flying High Game

The mighty wizard Tozenrath has captured Aladdin and has trapped him high in a magical cloud above the Kingdom, surrounding him with a powerful wall OF JEWELS and lanterns. Help Jasm...

played 7.626 times
Play Kuzko Quest For Gold
Kuzko Quest For Gold game free online

Kuzko Quest For Gold Game HOT

In oder to get his face on the trophies, Kuzco has to beat the highstore in every event in the decatlon. Help Kuzco on his Trophy Quest in this fun Disney game! Complete events good...

played 8.598 times
Play Lion King - Crocodile Adventure
Lion King - Crocodile Adventure game free online

Lion King - Crocodile Adventure Game HOT

Help Kiara save kovu from the fierce Crocodile. Kiara is stranded on one side of a river filled with crocodiles. On the other side is Kovu who hangs from a tree branch with a crocodi...

played 9.482 times