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Garfield Games

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Garfield, from the originally comic strip, can now be played in free online Garfield games! We all know that Garfield is a chubby and lazy cat, so you need to help him in the games. Help Garfield catch food that is falling out of the sky. Catch as many as you can but avoid healthy food! Play air hockey against Odie or help Garfield count sheep in his sleep. Color with exciting and attractive colors in the Garfield coloring game. Create your own comic strip with new and crazy characters. Whatever you feel like playing, you can find them here in the free online Garfield games.

Play Garfield 2 Soccer
Garfield 2 Soccer game free online

Garfield 2 Soccer Game HOT

Help Garfield kick balls around the world

played 12.783 times
Play Garfield Beat the Cheese
Garfield Beat the Cheese game free online

Garfield Beat the Cheese Game HOT

Help Garfield beat this pesky little rats in his cheese.

played 6.305 times
Play Garfield Coloring Page
Garfield Coloring Page game free online

Garfield Coloring Page Game HOT

You can choose any of the pictures from Garfied pack and color it with exciting and attractive colors and make it look crazier. you can choose between 6 Garfield coloring pages.

played 9.721 times
Play Garfield Comic Creator
Garfield Comic Creator game free online

Garfield Comic Creator Game HOT

Build your own Garfield comic strip. Create and customize your own Garfield characters like Jon, Odie, props, Nermal, Arlene and also put up a funny text box.

played 29.932 times
Play Garfield Coop Catch
Garfield Coop Catch game free online

Garfield Coop Catch Game HOT

Help Garfeild gather eggs from the chicken coop. Avoid those nasty fruit!

played 8.832 times
Play Garfield Dress Up
Garfield Dress Up game free online

Garfield Dress Up Game HOT

Always wanted to dress up a cat? Garfield has many silly outfits in his closet. Help dress up your favorite cat Garfield!

played 13.203 times
Play Garfield Food Frenzy
Garfield Food Frenzy game free online

Garfield Food Frenzy Game HOT

Food is actually falling from the Sky! Help Garfield catch his favorites while avoiding the HEALTHY stuff. Try to catch as much as you can before time runs out. Help Garfield catch a...

played 10.813 times
Play Garfield Kickin It
Garfield Kickin It game free online

Garfield Kickin It Game HOT

Help Garfield keep the ball in the air. Move him back and forth to keep him under the ball.

played 7.798 times
Play Garfield Lasagna From Heaven
Garfield Lasagna From Heaven game free online

Garfield Lasagna From Heaven Game

Lasagna, and other tasty goodies, are falling from the sky. Help Gaffield gobble as much of it as he can. but watch out for: books, vases, tv's and Odie. Help Garfield gobble as muc...

played 7.723 times
Play Garfield Memory
Garfield Memory game free online

Garfield Memory Game

A great memory game with Garfield! Match up the pairs to win.

played 7.544 times
Play Garfield Online Coloring
Garfield Online Coloring game free online

Garfield Online Coloring Game

A great interactive online coloring page of Garfield and Odie having a picnic. give them your favourite colors!

played 7.582 times
Play Garfield Tabby Tennis
Garfield Tabby Tennis game free online

Garfield Tabby Tennis Game

Play air hockey with garfield! you have to move Garfields paw up and down and keep the ball in play. Whatever you do, don;t let Odie win!

played 9.663 times
Play Garfield's Ping Pong
Garfield's Ping Pong game free online

Garfield's Ping Pong Game

Play a nice game of Ping Pong with Garfield and his pals.

played 9.278 times