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Pokemon Games

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Pokemon! Love the anime series? The movies? The toys? Then you're in the right spot, now you can play the coolest Pokemon games along with all your favorite characters. Picachu needs help to line up the colored balls, Petchu is trying to get to the top of the water tower. Play a jigsaw, test your knowledge and guess all the Pokemon characters. Pick up your gun and slay the terrorist's, paint the online Pokemon coloring games and use your imagination! All sorts of cool free online Pokemon games in this section!

Play Pokemon Misty Dress Up
Pokemon Misty Dress Up game free online

Pokemon Misty Dress Up Game

Misty from Pokemon needs a new hot outfit! Can you get her into those crazy clothers? Pick the items you love!

played 66.280 times
Play Pokemon Style Dress Up
Pokemon Style Dress Up game free online

Pokemon Style Dress Up Game HOT

Cool pokemon trainer with a ton of clothes and colors to choose from. Dress up the boy in pokeman style.

played 18.448 times
Play Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Break Down Blast
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Break Down Blast game free online

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Break Dow... Game HOT

A Pokemon version of collapse. Click on groups off like-colored blocks to make them disappear. Try to clear the entire board.

played 17.851 times
Play Pokemon Coloring
Pokemon Coloring game free online

Pokemon Coloring Game

Show your coloring skills by painting this Pokemon coloring picture. Can you paint it right?

played 14.264 times
Play Pokemon Puzzle Challenge
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge game free online

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge Game HOT

This game will put your knowledge to the test of all the pokemon characters. Just click on the pokemon's picture whose name is being asked. Have fun guessing them all! Can you name t...

played 8.347 times
Play Pokemon The Revolution
Pokemon The Revolution game free online

Pokemon The Revolution Game

Attack the flying pokemon with your gun. A terrorist group of communist pokemon has invaded the USA embassy in Brazil, killing everyone inside. Your mission is to infiltrate the bu...

played 8.065 times
Play Pikachu Coloured Balls
Pikachu Coloured Balls game free online

Pikachu Coloured Balls Game HOT

Help Picachu match the coloured balls before its too late. Shoot the colored balls next to other balls of that same color. Yes, another Pikachu game. *sigh*. We love him really.

played 7.206 times
Play Pokemon Jigsaw
Pokemon Jigsaw game free online

Pokemon Jigsaw Game

How good are you with fixing puzzles? This Pokemon puzzle has 49 pieces. Can you fit them all together?

played 7.136 times
Play Pitchu Hip Hop & Bop
Pitchu Hip Hop & Bop game free online

Pitchu Hip Hop & Bop Game

Help pitchu get to the top of the watertower jumping and jumping on the clouds. But beware of flying birds!

played 6.829 times
Play Pokemon Jigsaw 4
Pokemon Jigsaw 4 game free online

Pokemon Jigsaw 4 Game

The Pokemon characters are so happy you came to solve their puzzle! Put together 49 pieces in this Pokemon jigsaw puzzle.

played 6.685 times
Play Pokemon Jigsaw 3
Pokemon Jigsaw 3 game free online

Pokemon Jigsaw 3 Game

Another great classic Pokemon jigsaw puzzle for you to solve. This puzzle has 56 pieces.

played 6.615 times
Play Pokemon Shoot 2
Pokemon Shoot 2 game free online

Pokemon Shoot 2 Game

Ever wanted to hunt down pokemon? Nows your chance in this pokemon hunting game where you can take target at Pikachu and the gang. Hello John, glad you could make it...any way I got...

played 5.691 times
Play Pokemon Jigsaw 2
Pokemon Jigsaw 2 game free online

Pokemon Jigsaw 2 Game HOT

Can you puzzle this picachu jigsaw puzzle together again? This Pokemon puzzle has 49 colorful pieces

played 5.462 times