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Enjoyable Horse Race game

Play Enjoyable Horse Race free online now. Make your bets, pick your horse, your tracks and make some money.... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 8.114 times
Enjoyable Horse Race game info

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Enjoyable Horse Race Game
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Enjoyable Horse Race Online Game

Enjoyable Horse Race Game Description

Make your bets, pick your horse, your tracks and make some money.

Enjoyable Horse Race Game Instructions

First select Number of horses to race, then select which ones you wish to bet on. If all the selected horses finish in the places that you picked, then you will win money and increase your reputation. If your reputation gets high enough you will unlock new horses to bet on. Likewise, if you lose a race you not only lose the money you bet. but you also lose reputation. The number of horses you bet on. the number of horses racing, and the track will effect how much money and reputation you will gain at the end of each race.

Use the arrow keys to cheer/ boo the horse that you are watching. Green will give the horse a chance to speed up, while red will give a chance to make it slow down.

- Camera Control -
The arrows cycle the camera and "1st" makes the camera follow the leader

Play the Enjoyable Horse Race Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Enjoyable Horse Race Game Screenshot

Enjoyable Horse Race Game
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Game name: Enjoyable Horse Race
Played: 8.114 times
Category: Casino games » Racing games
Author: Gaux

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