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Educational Games

Can you beat it?

Play Subtraction Action
Subtraction Action game free online

Subtraction Action Game

Brush up on your basic math skills with this flash game. Click on two numbers that will subtract to equal the target number. It is not as easy as it sounds. Click on the squares to s...

played 6.261 times
Play Sue Cheerleader Challenge
Sue Cheerleader Challenge game free online

Sue Cheerleader Challenge Game HOT

Watch the cheerleaders moves, then pick the same moves for your cheerleader to do. Copy the cheerleader moves and make Sue a star! Sue's into cheer-leading in this game! Sue must re...

played 12.122 times
Play Superman Wordsearch
Superman Wordsearch game free online

Superman Wordsearch Game HOT

A fun word puzzle where you have to find all the words that are about superman. Can you find them all?

played 14.034 times
Play Swap
Swap game free online

Swap Game

Improve your vocabulary while having fun! Includes approx 8000 words for current version. Move the afro dude with left and right arrow keys, space bar to swap letters. Make the lette...

played 11.552 times
Play Swizzle Pop!
Swizzle Pop! game free online

Swizzle Pop! Game

A fast-paced, boggle inspired, word action/puzzle game. Find words fast! Make words to prevent the bombs from exploding. Collect gold and silver tiles to score extra points. How long...

played 9.450 times
Play Tangram House
Tangram House game free online

Tangram House Game

Unique puzzle game. Choose the puzzle and match the pieces in the right spot. You have 7 pieces (called TANS): 5 triangles in different size, 1 square and 1 parallelogram The object...

played 7.571 times
Play Test My History
Test My History game free online

Test My History Game

How well do you know our history? A great game to learn more about history! Great graphics and gameplay. Test how evolved is your historical trivia thinking?

played 5.367 times
Play The Anthrax Jelly
The Anthrax Jelly game free online

The Anthrax Jelly Game HOT

There has been an accident in the laboratory... some random ingredients have mixed creating a bubble-like mass! You have to destroy it by clicking the bubbles tagged with letters. Pu...

played 5.246 times
Play The Big Escape 3 Out At Sea
The Big Escape 3 Out At Sea game free online

The Big Escape 3 Out At Sea Game

the Library books are filled with stories and knowledge, but now Doctor Know It All is missing! Wait he was last seen boarding this ship and it is set to sail in just a few minutes!...

played 11.516 times
Play The Flying Piggy Bank
The Flying Piggy Bank game free online

The Flying Piggy Bank Game

Fly the Flying Piggybank and collect the numbers in the correct order while avoiding bombs.

played 7.381 times
Play The Great Escape
The Great Escape game free online

The Great Escape Game

Like you, the cow needs calcium to keep his bones strong and healthy. Calcium will also help me get to the Great Calcium Fair. Each food item you collect along the way gives me more...

played 10.880 times
Play The Jungle Book 2 Musical Memory
The Jungle Book 2 Musical Memory game free online

The Jungle Book 2 Musical Memory Game

How good is your memory? Watch the pictures and remember the sounds they make. Then repeat the sequence by pressing the numbers on your keyboard. There are 4 levels to complete. Don'...

played 7.790 times
Play The Key Master
The Key Master game free online

The Key Master Game

In this top down keyboard battle you will compete against goblins, trolls, ogres, barbarians and demons. So my young apprentice you want to become a key master? To become a Key Maste...

played 5.557 times