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Educational Games

Beat the games!

Play The Toy Shop
The Toy Shop game free online

The Toy Shop Game HOT

Make your own dolls and toys in this toy shop puzzle game. Follow the instructions to assemble toys in the toy shop and complete them correctly and make dolls and toy planes and robo...

played 9.442 times
Play Tigger Word Match
Tigger Word Match game free online

Tigger Word Match Game HOT

Can you put the right words with the right items together? Match the icon of the word given by Tigger on the bottom of your screen.

played 15.690 times
Play Tower Blaster
Tower Blaster game free online

Tower Blaster Game HOT

Build a grand tower but be sure the bricks are in order! User vs. computer where you try and stack the bricks from least heavy to heaviest against the computer by trading bricks.

played 11.505 times
Play Two3
Two3 game free online

Two3 Game

You fire numbers to protect your turret. Kill enemies by subtraction! Shoot the incoming blocks with 2s and 3s. Make numbers add up as larger blocks start to appear.

played 6.863 times
Play Type Masta
Type Masta game free online

Type Masta Game

Type the letters as they come up to become a fast typer.

played 4.648 times
Play Type Type Revolution
Type Type Revolution game free online

Type Type Revolution Game HOT

Very addictive. Type the letters as they pass through the bar. Hard mode gets INSANE! Type the letters as they pass through the timing bar. If you don't miss any letters you will sta...

played 3.917 times
Play Typing 01
Typing 01 game free online

Typing 01 Game HOT

This is a nice typing game that will boost your typing speed. Type the letters that appear on your screen.

played 6.862 times
Play Typing Game Collection
Typing Game Collection game free online

Typing Game Collection Game HOT

Collection of typing games and a complete typing tutorial. Use the tutorial to learn more about typing on your keyboard and better typing skills.

played 6.368 times
Play Typing Monster
Typing Monster game free online

Typing Monster Game HOT

Type in the magic spells to destroy the monster! Don't forget to destroy the fireballs by typing the numbers on them. In this game you need to fight against a huge monster! You ca...

played 7.709 times
Play Typing Tone
Typing Tone game free online

Typing Tone Game

This game has great graphics and teaches you better typing skills. This game is typing game, you can improve your typing in this game. Play the music by typing the correct letters

played 7.495 times
Play Vegetables Word Search
Vegetables Word Search game free online

Vegetables Word Search Game HOT

Search all given vegetable words on the board.

played 8.099 times
Play Virtual Knee Surgery
Virtual Knee Surgery game free online

Virtual Knee Surgery Game HOT

Replace a failing knee joint of seventy-six year-old man. Play as a surgeon in this special virtual surgery operation. Analyze the steps that needs to be done and be careful.

played 10.221 times
Play Wacky Word Search
Wacky Word Search game free online

Wacky Word Search Game

Can you do this wacky word search? Find all the words before time runs out. Remember that the words can run horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and even backwards. Select each word...

played 13.145 times