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Educational Games

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Play Africa Geo Quest
Africa Geo Quest game free online

Africa Geo Quest Game HOT

How well do you know the map of Africa? Can you locate the countries in Africa on the map? Put your geography skills to the test.

played 6.889 times
Play Typing 01
Typing 01 game free online

Typing 01 Game HOT

This is a nice typing game that will boost your typing speed. Type the letters that appear on your screen.

played 6.866 times
Play Two3
Two3 game free online

Two3 Game

You fire numbers to protect your turret. Kill enemies by subtraction! Shoot the incoming blocks with 2s and 3s. Make numbers add up as larger blocks start to appear.

played 6.863 times
Play Buildings Word Search
Buildings Word Search game free online

Buildings Word Search Game HOT

Find all constructions and building words on the board. Find out the given word on the jumbled letters on the screen.

played 6.733 times
Play ArithmeTick
ArithmeTick game free online

ArithmeTick Game HOT

How fast can you add and multiply? Solve math problems against the clock!

played 6.681 times
Play Festival Of History Archery
Festival Of History Archery game free online

Festival Of History Archery Game HOT

Use the crossbow to hit the red centre of the archery board.

played 6.543 times
Play Fragments
Fragments game free online

Fragments Game HOT

Fragments is basically a combination of tangrams, n-puzzle, and a few other puzzle games. It includes 50 puzzles, each with its own par to to make things even more challenging - if y...

played 6.535 times
Play Watch The Blockz
Watch The Blockz game free online

Watch The Blockz Game

You see cute pictures on your screen, you need to type the correct arrow key. When a picture lights up, click as fast as you can.

played 6.474 times
Play Subtraction Action
Subtraction Action game free online

Subtraction Action Game

Brush up on your basic math skills with this flash game. Click on two numbers that will subtract to equal the target number. It is not as easy as it sounds. Click on the squares to s...

played 6.446 times
Play Fruit Fun
Fruit Fun game free online

Fruit Fun Game

Have fun matching the fruit shapes. Just drag the fruits in the moving rack and complete the puzzle in time.

played 6.439 times
Play Word Search Animal Scramble
Word Search Animal Scramble game free online

Word Search Animal Scramble Game HOT

Find out the given words in the jumbled letters on the screen. This puzzle has everything to do with animals. Can you find them all?

played 6.438 times
Play Where On Earth Architects Guide
Where On Earth Architects Guide game free online

Where On Earth Architects Guide Game

Do you know your Eiffel Tower from your Guggenheim? Where on Earth has you pinpointing the location of iconic buildings in the world. Try and get as close as you can to the actual l...

played 6.437 times
Play Typing Game Collection
Typing Game Collection game free online

Typing Game Collection Game HOT

Collection of typing games and a complete typing tutorial. Use the tutorial to learn more about typing on your keyboard and better typing skills.

played 6.371 times