4 Letter Word BnC game

Play 4 Letter Word BnC free online now. welcome to nuns & cows, tne classic game or logic and deduction, in this version, the game is played... Read more

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4 Letter Word BnC Online Game

4 Letter Word BnC Game Description

welcome to nuns & cows, tne classic game or logic and deduction, in this version, the game is played with English four-letter words. The classic game of logic, Bulls & Cows this time, with four-letter words. The computer plays a pretty good game but can be beaten with a little effort! In fact, the computer is at a distinct disadvantage as it avoids words that are not well established, rarely used or obscene.

4 Letter Word BnC Game Instructions

To make a guess, type in a four-letter word.

To give a clue, type in the number of bulls (black marks) and cows (white marks).

Use backspace and the arrow keys to make adjustments and hit enter when done.

Breaking Mode
Try to guess the computer's four-letter word in the fewest number of turns. The computer will assign clues to each guess as follows: bulls{or black marks) to each signify a correct letter in the correct position, and cows (or white marks) to each signify a correct letter in an incorrect position.

Making Mode
Think of a four-letter English word and let the computer try to guess it. Assign bulls and cows to the computer's guesses as described in the previous section. Be careful not to make mistakes when assigning clues!

Challenge Mode
When you have become comfortable with the game, you may wish to pit your logical skills against those of the computer. A challenge consists of three rounds of making and breaking. Each time you guess a word, the computer's score increases by one and vice versa. The player with the highest score at the end is the winner!

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4 Letter Word BnC Game
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Game name: 4 Letter Word BnC
Played: 18.376 times
Category: Educational games » Words & Letter games
Author: Rich The Panda

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