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AB Spermicidal Battleship game

Play AB Spermicidal Battleship free online now. Shoot down the sperm in a woman's body. The sub-cellular spermicidal battleship module (SSBM) is Hap... Read more

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Played: 13.808 times
AB Spermicidal Battleship game info

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AB Spermicidal Battleship Online Game

AB Spermicidal Battleship Game Description

Shoot down the sperm in a woman's body. The sub-cellular spermicidal battleship module (SSBM) is Happy Hooker's latest contraceptive solution. Not only does it prevent pregnancy, but it prevents viral, bacterial, and parasitic infestations, either pre- or post- fertilization. The SSBM's arsenal is the cutting edge in the field of hygenic-militia, and can be replenished from protein chains occuring naturally in the body.

AB Spermicidal Battleship Game Instructions

A - Fire primary
S - Fire secondary
D - Fire heady
Z - Change primary
X - Change heavy
C - Change secundary
Space - break
Use the arrows to move

Select a stage from the stage selection screen. After you complete a level, you will be graded on how many enemies you were able to contain. If you pass, you will unlock the next level and receive a password. You can quit a game and come back to the same level using the password. You can spend the points you earn on ammo and ship upgrades.

AB Spermicidal Battleship Screenshot

AB Spermicidal Battleship Game
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Game name: AB Spermicidal Battleship
Played: 13.808 times
Category: Entertainment games » Adult games
Author: Angry Binary

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