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Celebrity Games

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Play Britney Dress Up
Britney Dress Up game free online

Britney Dress Up Game

Britney has a big closet piling with clothing. And she just cannot choose what to wear today. Can you help her dress up a combination suitable for a pop star? Britney is as hot as ev...

played 4.814 times
Play Britney Spears Make Up
Britney Spears Make Up game free online

Britney Spears Make Up Game HOT

Britney Spears Make Up: Give Britney Spears a makeover by choosing a makeup, clothes and accessories. Use the mouse to play this game.

played 4.790 times
Play Run Ronaldo Run
Run Ronaldo Run game free online

Run Ronaldo Run Game

Help the top footballer Ronaldo against his opponent Crespo and don't let him to take the ball before your hero. Ronaldo doing what he does best, eating hamburgers and scoring goals!...

played 4.724 times
Play Britney Federline Kaboom
Britney Federline Kaboom game free online

Britney Federline Kaboom Game

Can you stop the Britney Spears and Kevin Federline video tape from reaching the public? Anxious fans have gathered near a building in New York where Kevin is dropping copies of the...

played 4.719 times
Play Photo With Stars
Photo With Stars game free online

Photo With Stars Game HOT

Choose any star whoever you like and take photos with them. Choose between Michael Phelps, Hanna Montana and Sharapova. Then give them great clothing to wear and take the picture.

played 4.672 times
Play OJ Master Thief
OJ Master Thief game free online

OJ Master Thief Game

Sneak around snagging all your football loot back. Don't be seen by others walking around. Don't let them see you, hide in the shadows!

played 4.632 times
Play Zidane Headbutting Materazzi
Zidane Headbutting Materazzi game free online

Zidane Headbutting Materazzi Game

Play as Zidane! Beat as many Materazzi as you can! You already knew what Zidane did when Materazzi insulted to him, your task on this game is to blow on the head with all those that...

played 4.321 times
Play Victoria Beckham Dress up
Victoria Beckham Dress up game free online

Victoria Beckham Dress up Game HOT

No one knows more about fashion than Victoria Beckham! Do you think you can dress her and do her justice? Choose the best clothes for Posh Spice herself.

played 4.273 times
Play Beat Up Dick Fuld
Beat Up Dick Fuld game free online

Beat Up Dick Fuld Game HOT

Beat Up Dick Fuld, CEO of Lehman Brothers that he brought to bankruptcy by withdrawing 500 million dollars for himself and now caused a lot of share holders too loose a lot of money...

played 4.066 times
Play Spear Britney
Spear Britney game free online

Spear Britney Game HOT

Watch the moving spear heads. When you want them to stop, press the "Stop" button, then when both spear heads had been set, press the "Throw" button to throw the spear. The spear wil...

played 3.934 times
Play Rihanna Makeup Game
Rihanna Makeup Game game free online

Rihanna Makeup Game Game

Rihanna, the singer, is beautiful. Today you can change her hair and make up. Can you help Rihanna make over herself? Help Rihanna make up for her big concert tonight. Choose her hai...

played 3.930 times
Play Britney Spears vs Child Servisous
Britney Spears vs Child Servisous game free online

Britney Spears vs Child Servisous Game

Oh no! It looks like she has done it again! The child services have had enough of Britney's neglect to her children and are here to take her children away! If they manage to get enou...

played 3.504 times